The Beauty of the Lotus Flower

beauty of lotus flower poem

The Beauty of the lotus flower
If you stand alone in a pond
You may witness a lotus flower,
Blooming through mud and guck
The mud has yielded courageous roots for this water lily.
So that it can blossom and weather any storm
The lotus flower has a captivating allure for a poetic eye and
any inspiring spectators
It can stand alone confidently in a crowd.
Blooming brightness from her heart and
speaking the truth from her soul,
If an obstacle or worrying storm approaches her,
She will speak her own truth.
To an onlooker, this may appear as defiance.
But her spirit stands in her own truth.
Standing up for themselves
And for those they love.
This lotus may appear different from the crowd of others.
You may see unique markings or tattoos on her stems,
It is possible that an onlooker may judge her based on their biases.
Please look beyond what you see and do not judge.
Tattoos can be an expression of artistry and beauty.
For the wearer of these creative markings,
they may tell a story and have hidden meaning
that is close to their heart, spirit, and or journey.
The lotus flower’s true beauty can be seen in
all phases of its bloom.
This inspiring flower can float above the storm,
will bloom through the mud,
and can add light through healing growth.


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