Christine Day’s Pleiadian Message for September 2023

Beloved ones we greet you,

Be still within your Heart, open to be received within this sacred reveal taking place during the middle of this calendar month. Know Truth; this is launching for you to participate in, a next phase of destiny that is to be heralded into the full arena of Earth. As the Scahndahlah effect continues to build in momentum a vast new brilliance is about to enter your planet, which will begin to create a higher space of consciousness that is pre-destined to be established across your earth plane.

Pure forms of brilliance are on the verge of be forged within the Sacred Sites, Ley lines and Vortexes, which are scattered across your earth plane. Each placement will be utilized as a sacred anchor point. Each anchor point will play a pivotal role, will become an individual patterned component making up a vast Mandala wheel. The wheel enters Earth through the Magnetic core and then will be imprinted outwards in layers through and across your entire planet. This Mandala is making manifest a series of pure geometrical sacred forms within your earth plane. These geometrical forms within the Mandala are to create vast realignments through the entire vibrational electrical makeup of Earth.

The Earth’s magnetic core is to be the primary anchor point of the Mandala and will make, hold the holy frequency aspect of the very centralized form of the Mandala. There will be a pure light consciousness pulsing, emerging from the very nucleus of the sacred Mandala containing the sacred light of the God consciousness frequency and the essence of self-resurrection for all humanity.

Pleiadian September 2023 messageImage by Ebenezer42 from Pixabay

The Magnetic core is to undergo a transformational multidimensional opening. This crevice will create a series of huge energetic shifts across the entire planet and will bring a continual unfolding transmission of these different phases of expansive light wave vibrations that arise from the inner multidimensional Mandala form.

The illusion of time on this planet has been collapsing, you can expect a surge of further transformational shifts within this frame of measure where the experience of ‘time’ totally disintegrates. The energetic rotation of the Earth will be accelerating. Many of the grids of illusion will begin to further dissolve allowing the anchoring, the further opening of the alternate reality spaces to actively emerge for you to engage within your earth plane.

These alternate reality spaces have always existed on the planet however they have remained totally separated by veils from the illusion of Earth. As the energetic arena of Earth begins to shift on another level, the changing dynamic that is coming will allow these higher states of reality to begin to open and blend layered fluid states of higher consciousness within the earth plane.

The alignment to these alternate reality spaces energies is going to be enabled to blend within your earth plane. This blending is destined to create a natural rebalancing of the reality of Truth within Earth. An authentic step, a beginning of a new phase of a higher level of light consciousness to emerge across your planet. Those of you who are on the awakened path will become the beneficiaries of these pure states of consciousness. There is to be a re-emergence of a series of pure authentic light spaces being restored, being made more accessible for you to support you being more authentic to yourself. This is you being restored to the natural frequency of your Higher-Self, consciousness state.

Only through the avenue of your Heart can you begin to access the restoration of your Sacred Being’s light. You have a crystalline structure that exists between the spaces of the cells of your Heart, Brain, Thyroid, Spine, and Sacrum. Your light enters through the Heart’s crystalline structure and then interacts with other areas of your crystalline structure within your physical body.

The light of your Being can enter and anchor your higher light consciousness within this crystalline structure, within your physical body systems. Your authentic light is electrical in nature and the crystalline structure function is to hold the fully electrical frequency of your higher consciousness essence within your physical body.

Your Heart’s will be aligned to these resurrection energies of Truth. Your unique Heart frequency will be activated on another multidimensional level to enable your unique divine frequency to arise within your cells of the Heart, transforming your alignment to your sacred Heart.

Collectively your sacred Heart’s will be enabled to resonate as one flow of communion when you choose to gather as a group. Your groups potential resonance will accelerate allowing the combination of your collective sacred Heart’s frequency to become manifest on higher multidimensional levels. You, as a group, can be instrumental in adding to the shifting arena of Earth that is part of the prophecy of your planet. Remember those of you in human form are to be the ones to shift the ultimate consciousness of Earth. This was always the ultimate plan. You carry the power within your collective Hearts to create the light, to build the light.

As the spaces of illusion further release on your earth plane a doorway of opportunity is opened, bringing forward access to Truth and opening the potential for you to align to an authenticity of your Higher Self. Allowing you to gain insights, clarity of your sacred being and to understand more clearly your human journey. Both insights of your sacred and human makeup are essential to you moving forward into this next phase towards enlightenment.

Authenticity within yourself is living Truth. This is your time for you to choose to focus on yourself. Taking the essential time in allowing you to take another step towards the multidimensional aspects of your higher being while living an authentic life within your Heart on this earthly human plane. Applying patience, compassion, and love to your own human aspect and then allowing that energy to naturally transmit out to all humanity.

The first step of compassion is acceptance of this Truth; that as a human being you are ‘perfectly imperfect’. You have come to this earth plane to continue to have a human experience as you awaken to your sacred nature, your Higher Self. An aspect of your mission here is self-resurrection of your human aspect.

This is the time for letting go of releasing the old shells, the old burdens of guilt, shame, remorse betrayal and anger. Authenticity within yourself is everything. As you choose to take one moment of being authentic within yourself, all the old structures can transmute within you. As you allow these authentic moments within yourself there is an automatic shift takes place within every cell of your body. All self- sabotaging cycles can transform in that moment. This is the time for your self-liberation!

Know that you have never been a victim, you have played your role out perfectly in each scenario to create an experience to learn. Choose to let go of being the victim and take responsibility for your creation. As you begin to examine the reflections of your life that you have created thus far and take full ownership of your learning experiences as a human being transformation happens. Self-resurrection takes place. Truth is revealed.

To Begin Linking into the Mandala Frequency from your Heart:

Note: Begin this process any time after September 21st.

DAP is found at the soft opening at the base of the throat. The DAP is known as your Divine Access Point and part of your sacred Heart space.

CONSCIOUS BREATH: a breath in the mouth and out the mouth.

SACRED SOUND: VAHLAHNNN… (pronounced: var larn)

  1. Align to your Heart and DAP. One hand on your upper chest and one hand on the base of your throat.
  2. Feel the warm or pressure of your hand on your Heart and DAP.
  3. Take a Conscious breath and place it like a soft wind into your Heart/DAP. Repeat this as many times until your feel see or sense an opening into your Heart space. There may be movement, flow, light, warmth, or color…
  4. Take a Conscious breath and let go within your Heart space.
  5. Repeat steps 2-5 as many times as you need. This is you entering your Heart space. Claim your Heart by taking a Conscious breath and letting go to align further.
  6. Where you find yourself within your Heart space begin to bring in the sacred sound, VAHLAHNNN… place the sound within the space of your Heart. When you make the sound it’s like a call to the Mandala form that has anchored on the Earth. Make this sound as many times as you need.
  7. Feel see or sense how the Mandala form’s energy is answering your call. Maybe you see feel or sense the Mandala’s light flowing connecting into your Heart. Take a Conscious breath and let go… as you let go you receive more of a connection from the Mandala’s light. You begin to receive the sacred openings within you.
  8. Continue to deepen the link to the Mandala’s light by using the sound, VAHLAHNNN… and your Conscious breath, focusing on letting go to receive.
  9. As this feels complete for now just bring your full awareness to your hands on your chest and on the base of your throat. Use the Conscious breath to integrate this activation of the energetic connection through you.

You may utilize this practice daily.

Know that we, the Pleiadians are holding an energetic Platform as the transmutation of Earth unfolds, as the Mandala anchors within the Magnetic core of the planet. We hold the platform for all of you who choose to step forward to utilize the pure forces of the Mandala.

We continue to witness you in this next step of your journey.

The Pleiadians


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