The After-Life of Your Space

There’s a substantial belief that the term “after life” is now a mistake conclusion. Rather than thinking life is over once we die, we now have some data that says there is life after our time here on earth – a different form of life perhaps, but life, nonetheless.

During a Feng Shui consultation recently, my client mentioned that her deceased cat was still hanging around. She could hear her purr from time to time and felt her cuddle up next to her in bed during the night. Surprisingly, her cat had died 10 years ago, yet she was still “alive” on some level.

The concept of being alive is true of a space as well and depending on whether it was nurtured or not, loved or not, the outcome could be positive or negative.

Feng Shui is built on the principle that the owners’ intentions are the most important element in creating a supportive space. That intention (whether consciously put in place or whether it was an unconscious action) remains even if the residents have moved out. In other words, the energy that the occupants create can determine the fate of the next people who move in. If a divorce recently occurred in a home, the next owner may have some partnership issues as well. If health is an issue for a person who then moves to another place, the next person or people have a high probability of experiencing health issues Without an intentional Feng Shui clearing and blessing, the after-life of that space could influence the relationship of the new occupants who inadvertently struggle with a version of the same issue.

life energy of your space

On the other hand, if the occupants of a home come into a substantial amount of money while living there (win the lottery, inheritance, stocks, etc.), who wouldn’t want to move in after they have moved? The after-life of that home, conscious or not, influences the current owners in a positive way.

When we moved out of our home after 28 years, we brought specific items with us to not only remind us of our special place but to share the after-life with our new place – a place that had never been lived in before. Our home was sold to two people who adore it and are remodeling in an exciting and enticing way that reflects their intentions. I have no doubt that the after-life of that home created the invitation and the inspiration they needed to make the space their own unique home. Life after life.

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