Is Your Home Making You Sick?

The health and energy frequency of our home has a dramatic impact on the personal health, happiness and well-being of each person living there.

Why? Because you are living, eating and sleeping inside the body of your home. You are marinating in its energy frequency. Like spending time with a good friend, if they are positive, motivated, enthusiastic and uplifting, it helps raise you up. On the contrary, if they are angry, critical and depressed, it brings you down.

From my years of experience, in almost all cases, the energy frequency of a home is lower than the frequency of the people living there. It is a drag on everyone and is like living inside a “Debbie Downer”.

So, what determines your homes energy frequency and what can be done to improve it? Your home is located on a specific piece of land and the earth energies that are in and flowing through the home will determine its energy frequency. Unfortunately, several of these natural earth energies are negatively impacted by disruptive 5G energy, electricity, and all types of electromagnetic interference energy projected from cell and transmission towers. This lowers the energy frequency of your home and often creates an unhealthy living environment for you and your family.

electromagnetic interference energy at home

If you or a family member are spending any length of time, or sleeping in or near one of these negatively affected earth energies, it can cause significant health issues, including cancer, chronic fatigue and dementia.

Happily, all these negatively affected earth energies in your home can be identified and blocked, harmonized and transformed to produce a positive, uplifting and healthy environment. This creates a higher energy frequency in your home, which is more comfortable and serves to naturally raise the energy frequency of all the people living there.

The energy frequency of each individual person directly relates to their level of consciousness, happiness, health and well-being. The higher your energy frequency, generally the more elevated your level of consciousness. Ideally, we would like our homes to vibrate at an energy frequency comfortably above that of the people living there. That way, just like a high energy frequency friend, your home would naturally, through radiation alone, draw you into a higher level of consciousness and promote greater happiness and health.

It doesn’t matter if you have a $5 million mansion, or a modest apartment. Every home is impacted by these earth energies and the disruptive impact from 5G energy, electricity and electromagnetic interference transmission towers. Fortunately, these disruptive energies can be corrected and harmonized to establish the ideal uplifting and healthy home environment for you and your family.

The certified experts at Dowsing Design can help. Call me for a free consultation on how Dowsing Design can assist you to “Raise your Vibe.”




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