Want to feel positive? Breathe deep and taste some of the herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits that are known to possess natural powers capable of manifesting needed change. It was a passion for cooking that led me to discover these potent energies.

In my new book, The Enchanted Garden, I identify specific energies and instruct readers how they can apply my methods to unleash the potential of these plants. This cookbook on magical herbalism provides recipes that can inspire a connection with these potent energies and a way to enhance your ability to create positive change.

Magical herbalism is based on ancient philosophy. It is a specialized practice that utilizes the powers of plant life to manifest specific personal transformation. Magical herbalism focuses on the spiritual and emotional rather than the medicinal. By choosing, preparing and eating certain foods based on their energies you can achieve your specific need or desire.

Magic, by definition, is the use of natural energies to bring about needed change and magic gets its power from the earth. When we eat, our bodies absorb those energies attributed to the particular plant. The simple act of eating helps us to merge our personal energy with the earth. Energy vibrates in all of our foods; it’s just waiting for us to become aware of it, and it’s that awareness that helps us to connect and create a union between the plant energy and our inner spirit.

To activate the magic you must first empower your plant. This aligns the vibrations of the plant with your true intention and increases the effectiveness of the magic. By infusing your energy with that of the plant you activate and give the magic energy direction. Once you have identified your need or desire you can find ingredients with the energy that is aligned with your need. Before using your magical spice take a moment and hold it in your hands. Visualize your desired result and send it into the spice. When you’re ready, add the enchanted spice into the recipe. These plants are powerful on their own, however their powers and your awareness are not enough. Only when you activate the magic with your intention can it fulfill its purpose.

Magical herbalism offers a simple and direct form for self-transformation. These exotic, aromatic and magical energies stimulate our emotions, motivate our minds, aid our physical bodies and nurture our spirit. The Enchanted Garden offers 57 magical plants and 134 recipes. It provides a unique perspective and the tools to connect and create positive change.

Try this crumb cake recipe featuring the spice Cinnamon. This recipe is easy to make and will be a guaranteed hit with your family and friends. Before you begin, remember to activate the magic.

My name is Cinnamon
I hold the magical energy of peace, kindness, serenity and validation
I have a delightful fragrance and a sweet warm flavor.
My gift to you is well-being
Imagine that my energy surrounds you and
trust that you are safe and that you are loved.
13" x 9" baking dish
1 box moist deluxe yellow cake mix
2 1/2 sticks butter, slightly softened and cut up into pieces
3 cups flour
1 cup sugar
2 tbsp Cinnamon

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Prepare cake mix according to directions and bake. In a bowl, combine the flour, sugar and cinnamon; then add the butter. Mix by hand until it begins to hold together and form crumbs. Ten minutes before cake is done, remove from oven. Sprinkle crumb mixture over the top, covering thoroughly. Bake for 10 additional minutes. Remove and cool.



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