Real Place Dream

woman-walk-fieldI DREAM OF a real place where kindness is universal and completely taken for granted, a real place where saying or doing anything hurtful to another soul is unthinkable and shocking, a real place where serving and sacrifice is natural, a real place in my lifetime, without locks, barbed wire, violence or war, a world of peace and love, of tolerance and respect, of appreciation and gratitude, where selfish gain is never considered, where the only agenda, angle or aim is love, a real place of beautiful souls wholly dedicated to creating beauty.

I have seen this real place and been to this place and danced in its streets and run through its fields and smelled its flowers and felt its cool wind and warm sun on my face and swam in its oceans. I have been there many times and so have you — every time we choose good over evil and love over self-interest and peace over conflict. But we come and go. We flash in and out, in and out, in and out. As we teach and train ourselves, we return quicker and stay longer, expanding its borders and plowing its fields and planting its beds and building up shelters and opening wide its doors until every soul is in.



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