New Capricorn Moon

Here at the first New Moon of the first Season, exact on 1/2/22 at 12:33pm CST, it is time to imagine our most solid intention for our year ahead. Nevertheless, timelines fluctuate. Probably Universe’s blip in and out of existence with each and every choice we make collectively and as individuals. Ripples of choice echo out like butterfly breath in Monterey creating wind gusts in Chicago.

Capricorn astrological signImage by Oleg Gamulinskiy from Pixabay

Here at the beginning of the year, as the growing Light cracks the shell of the seed of our intention, it slowly lessens the night. We send the root of our intention, our choice, through the darkness of the soil, searching for moisture, nutrients, and a solid hold onto the Earth. Where is it in your life where you know you must grow? How can we make best use of anywhere we are growing FROM?

Like a single celled organism choosing to evolve into a dolphin we may have plenty of work ahead of us in our climb up our mountain so now is the time to set the intention as to which Universe we are choosing to create. They all require effort and focus and deliberation and realism. The most beautiful Universe we can imagine is the one most worth working toward.

That’s the one, the garden down the pathway. You see it. You know your greatest vision. And you know what’s really worth it. I mean, REALLY worth it. That’s the one. That’s the dream. That’s the call to follow. That pull. That vision. Hold onto that timeline. The winds may blow on occasion so stay awake in the dream. What is the greatest vision possible in your life?

There is a sacred beauty in our very human gift of bringing our imagination into manifestation. Every construct we see and know in the ‘real world’ existed once in imagination. We fed the waters of imagination and it grew and took shape and fell into the world of the manifest as the chair, computer, or government we gave our vision to. We can re-imagine anything.

As the Light gains in strength so can our vision grow in its potential manifestation. It takes the focus, deliberation, and will that the seedling needs to stretch its roots into the soil and then grow into a forest. New life is worth it for the seedling. What vision is so beautiful for us that we are willing to devote our life, our effort and energy toward? Hold onto that. What is not worth it? Let that go.

So, the preview of our year is this; 2022 will be exactly that which we are willing to passionately and deliberately work toward making it. It will define itself in the long term based on the series of choices made in the short term. To the degree we choose in alignment with our highest possible vision is the degree that becomes our highest probable reality. Choose wisely. Choose happily. Our choices now are the roots we will grow from.

– Courtesy of Evolutionary Astrology with Ryan Evans


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