Pleiadian Message for January 2022

Beloved ones we greet you,

The winds of change have anchored a new energetic arena on your earth plane, a higher dimensional playing field has been made manifest. This happening has created an expanded landscape of opportunity for each one of you to evolve at a faster rate into your enlightenment process.

Destiny was set in motion as you moved into the next timeframe of 2022. This is your moment to make a series of conscious choices on your behalf, which is designed to propel you back to your original nature and allow your sacredness to be in the conscious forefront of your life.

At the time of New Year, the entire energetic dynamic on Earth shifted as there was a reopening and anchoring of many higher consciousness reality spaces on the planet. An expansive network of consciousness light inhabits the earth plane.  Simultaneously you went through a metamorphic shift as a pure form of this communion light from these reality spaces interacted through your brain synapses, brain cells, Pineal and forged through your Heart cells. You in reality are a natural extension of this profoundly expansive communion network that now exists on Earth, your unique divine light is an essential component of this communion network.

These higher reality spaces have always existed on Earth and for the first time they are fully accessible to you. These sacred frequencies are actively interacting, engaging through you. These reality spaces are from the 5th dimensional expression of unconditional love, and they make up a part of the new frequency of Earth. These multidimensional spaces automatically have begun to realign you to your Heart’s sacred consciousness, this is an expansive consciousness state, which is an aspect of your Higher Self.

You can align to this consciousness network through your Heart and begin to actively return to your place in these higher alternate reality spaces. You have always existed there. You can begin to actively choose to initiate yourself back into your unique place and set in motion a process of self-realization of your Higher Self.

You have entered a totally different time frame on Earth where the energetics are based more on Truth reality than illusion. Your Heart is to play an altered role in your life as it automatically realigned to this expansive environment at the time of the turning of 2022. Now you need to choose to align consciously within your Heart to open into the essence of the expansion within you. The energy of the light will enable you have a reunion experience deeper than ever before. There will be a returning to a more complete aspect of relationship through the communion within your Heart than previously experienced.

The higher frequency arena on Earth has created a more fluid state of being within you. This fluidity will allow you to interact with a new flow in your life, supporting you to navigate your way in your day-to-day effortlessly and from a very diverse standpoint. Engaging your Heart will open new doorways of opportunity in your life. Your expansive fluidity naturally aligns you into the current of this higher consciousness network that has anchored on Earth.

Your physical and energetic systems are operating with this fluid light, which is electrical in nature. This fluid light enables you to engage more completely within the multidimensional makeup of your Heart. Allowing you to shift your perceptions past the illusion and begin to engage within a higher cycle of your consciousness. This shifting of your perceptions is a natural happening, an evolution made manifest within you through this new energetic arena of Earth.

Over the coming months you can begin to revolutionize your life through the natural building of an alliance within your expansive Heart. You get to choose what experiences you want in your life, through a deepening understanding given to you through the interaction of your Heart. The pathway is wide open and will remain so.

Your Heart is the doorway to your creation energy, to knowing and knowledge. Through this changing energetic arena on Earth your conscious choice actions of reconnecting through your Heart will be made manifest, you being moved into a direct experience of change in your day to day life.

Your multidimensional blessings are waiting to be returned to you through your conscious choice actions of opening up through your Heart to receivership. This is simply a destiny time for transmutation and transformational understanding of Truth to be revealed to you. This is a returning, nothing new, simply realignment, reconnection, reunion with the aspects of your sacred nature, your Higher Self.

Remember the words we have spoken previously, “you are who you have been waiting for.” You are the Master of your experiences. You are the only one who can create change in your life, you are responsible for your own creation. Look around you, take in your life as it is now, and know that this current experience has been a perfect learning process for you.

Now is the time for change through first claiming the creation of your life, honoring this creation of your life! Take full responsibility for what you have created and know that you can change this creation when you are ready at any moment.

How much are you willing to receive for yourself? Within the doorway to your Heart is your creation element and you can choose to open to receive your Heart’s desire! Through the Network consciousness that is now active on your earth plane your ability to align and operate within your multidimensional Heart’s potential can be fully self-realized.

We, the Pleiadians, are working alongside the Spiritual realms and are part of a Universal team to support mankind during this transitional shift of consciousness on planet Earth. We are holding the energetics throughout your planet, and we are supporting individuals as you move through your transitions. However, you and only those of you in physical bodies can actually make the shifts required for your planet to move into a full transition of consciousness.

You, each one of you individually hold the power to create the shifts necessary to maintain the balance of light for the planet and to forge the path for the consciousness of humanity to change. Through your conscious choice action of coming Home through your Heart you realign to the essence of your power. Collectively you can create the changes for the veils to ultimately lift on the planet. Through a forging, a communion of your Heart’s power you shift the balance of light and the veils lift. This is what you pre agreed to achieve together, this is part of your collective mission!

What is essential is that you do not focus on the illusion and drama on your planet. This is just a playout of the old separation which ultimately cannot interfere with the destiny of Earth. You will be successful in achieving your mission of the dimensional consciousness changes on Earth.

You can let go and celebrate the amazing pure light consciousness of the Network, which is a flowing, pulsing life force consciousness. Don’t focus on the illusion, the drama, rather connect in moments to your Heart and simply allow an alignment to take your place within the sacred Network of Truth. This process of your unfolding is a step by step, moment by moment connection to your Heart. The process of change is not about you trying to achieve perfection, rather to create a series of accumulative moments chosen by you, of alignment to your Heart. This is the action of ‘you re-birthing you’.

We continue to hold a mirrored platform of love and truth alongside the rest of the Universe. You can align to this platform through your Heart. The words, ‘I AM’ anchor the truth of your multidimensional being, you are an aspect of the sacred Oneness. Feel, see, or sense the frequency that opens when you utilize these words and anchor them into your Heart.

Continue to let go and choose to align to yourself within your Heart. You are your Heart. Beloveds come home to yourself through your Heart.

We hold you in the stillness, within the light.

The Pleiadians


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