Card of the Week – February 22, 2022


Six twos. A very stable number for couples – I’m writing this early as I am officiating a wedding ceremony today for this exact reason.

Add them up to 12, which gives us a Hanged One/Empress combo (12 & 3 of the Major Arcana.) A reminder that rulership requires sacrifice and looking at things from different perspectives. Listening for where resources are needed most, sharing bounty and wisdom appropriately.

Today, The Mahābhārata Oracle by Gita Rash is calling out.
2 Invincible.

ANOTHER TWO!!! And one that we’ve had here before!!!

Take note of the two’s my friends!

Are you feeling invincible? Centered in your story? Powerful?

Excellent! Whatever you did last week to get back into alignment is working! Keep it up!

Do you remember what you did so you can repeat it when needed? Or add it into your priorities? With all these two’s, maybe there’s an accountability partner? Also, the perspective of this card is popping today. Arjuna is being watched from above, is being looked down on. What spirits, Deities, Ancestors are watching you? Or do you feel like you’re being looked down upon and need to find that quiet, strong, centered focus to stay clear with your goals?

The central figure in this card is Arjuna, principal character in the Mahābhārata. He is a highly skilled archer, as well as an excellent singer, dancer and actor – which brings Arjuna close to my heart!

Arjuna, despite being a mighty warrior, was also deeply conflicted at the prospect of killing his cousins during the war. I’m not sure how Krishna convinced him otherwise, nor the content of their characters, but the Divine did. I have yet to read that part of the story. Still. One of the dangers of reading multiple books at a time and leaving this on in New Mexico to enjoy.

All this also says to me that we can feel powerful and confident AND sometimes be conflicted! It is not an either or situation. It may be a yes and situation. It may shift during the day, and that’s ok! You absolutely can get back to powerful, confident, centered and aligned. You’ve done it before. You can do it again.

No one can interfere with your goals and aspirations.

Take aim and let your arrow fly.

Or maybe, that arrow has already been released into the air and is going to soar exactly where it’s supposed to – winds and all.

More about the deck’s creator – Gita Rash
To purchase this deck –
Further recommended reading –
Mahabharata A Modern Retelling by Carole Satyamurti

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