Prime Creator the One and Only


As a Seer, the images, information and insight I receive can sometimes be confusing. But I will interpret the information as well as I can. This was quite a confusing image because it was very much a 5D to 12D comprehension of an image of Prime Creator as He tried to show himself to me here in 3D.

The first words He spoke to me where please! Jen Look into my eyes, all the Answers are there. It took many years! To decide how I would form these images, because I wanted to represent the picture exactly the way that He showed me his image. The presentation of his Eyes were very hard to draw for it seemed they never end. They appear in circular motion views.

So, as you look at this rendering, you will see that His eye is Energy, and His Frequency reaches around our world and touches each Soul using his sight! The pineal gland is just above Primes dimensional view, and the Diamond we are all connected to is in the back of his head as well.. that’s what connects all of us to the Diamond in the sky! This is a good visual reference to that Energy!




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