Quantum Energy Rings: Tools for Creating Positive Energy

It was 2004 when I transitioned from being a massage therapist to becoming an Inner Diamond Teacher and taking on a customer service position in Marie Diamond’s company.

Before that time, I had not spent any amount of time in front of a computer and did not realize how the energy affected me. After working for just 30 minutes, I became tired and lethargic. I intuitively knew it was some negative energy of the computer that was impacting me.

The solution came in 2005 after attending a Diamond Dowsing class, created by Marie Diamond, where she introduced the Quantum Energy Rings. Sitting in an energy ring while in front of my computer has allowed me to work without feeling the negative effects. I also felt more inspired and energized by the energy field created by the ring.

Since then, my husband has taken over the production of these rings and I have assumed the role of activating them with light frequencies. We are currently the world-wide distributor of these rings and we are proud that they are made here in Minnesota.

quantum energy rings

So, what makes these rings unique?

First of all, each ring is individually handcrafted and activated to create a connection to the Quantum Field. The energy field they create helps raise the vibration of wherever they are placed or whoever is using it.

The sizes of the rings are created based on ancient Egyptian knowledge of cubit measurement. This measurement, when used in the design of the ring, gives it the unique ability to hold the high vibrational energy in which they are activated.

Along with the specific measurement of the 4 sizes of rings, they are also made with 100% copper, an element that anchors the activation of the ring.

Each ring also creates an aura field that extends beyond the physical ring. The larger the ring, the larger the aura field will be.

Quantum Energy Rings have many uses. They can be used for meditation, to stay alert while driving, raising the vibration of food and beverages and to help our ailing pets. Read my e-book on Quantum Energy Rings for a full list of ways to use these rings.

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