Change Your Mood in 70 Seconds!

    Learn this quick exercise, and when your mood falls down, pick it up fast. This whimsical, yet spiritual, exercise really works! Whatever problems you have on your mind, be they personal or world problems, they can be more easily solved when you are in a better mood.

    lynneThe HappyU Exercise
    Get ready to improve your mood quickly. Hold a watch with a second hand and time yourself. You will have ten seconds for each of the seven parts of this exercise. Within seventy seconds you should be feeling better. My mood is my responsibility, and your mood is also up to you. I tend to be negative and depressed sometimes. The HappyU exercise helps me to change my mood from sour to sweet! Read through this exercise once, and then take seventy seconds to try it. Repeat as often as needed.

    H = Hope for Happiness (repeat words for 10 seconds)
    Without hope we have nothing. Everyone who has ever struggled has had hope in order to get through life’s difficulties. As you repeat the words “Hope for Happiness” in your mind for ten seconds, remember that there are those whose problems are far worse than yours, and even if your problems are the worst of the worst, you have to have hope to find solutions.

    A= Accept Life (repeat words for 10 seconds)
    As you repeat the words “Accept Life” for ten seconds, focus on the way life’s experiences take us up and down all the time. Sometimes we are in a cycle that feels wonderful, and at other times we do not know how we will make it through the day. A lot can be learned from those who have physical disabilities, and yet – with acceptance – lead productive and happy lives. In this moment, accept life with all its many colors and situations. Accept, accept and accept! Take a deep breath now and know how alive you are. Know that as you accept life and its challenges, you will have the energy to help yourself and others.

    P= Picture of Happiness (visualize image for 10 seconds)
    Visualize a color, a flower, a person, a beach, a spiritual symbol or any other image that can quickly change your mood. It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and in ten seconds you will prove that to yourself. You are replacing your images of catastrophe with an image that brings happiness.

    P= Play a Song (hear a song in your mind for 10 seconds)
    In your mind, play a song or any sound that makes you happy. Listen to the birds, or the sound of a waterfall. Listen to the laughter of a child, the sound of a harp, or play your favorite song in your mind. Music is always a mood lifter.

    Y=Yearn for Happiness (feel your need for happiness for 10 seconds)
    Feel within your soul a yearning for the happiness that life offers. Do not demand happiness or beg for happiness. Yearning and aspiring for a quality sends your intentions out into the universe. As you allow yourself to yearn for happiness, you are creating the space within the soul to receive true bliss. With this bliss you will be inspired to make good choices for yourself and for your world.

    U= Unite with Life (repeat words for 10 seconds)
    Okay, it is true that life has its ups and downs, backwards and forwards actions, and its depressions and elations. We are human beings with human challenges. Our difficulties are all part of the yin and yang of material life. As you repeat the words “Unite with Life” in your mind for ten seconds, know that you are part of the whole of existence. Each one of us is a spark of the Divine Consciousness. We have access to the psychic inner voice that connects us to the God of our understanding. Remember that the word “psychic” in ancient times meant “soul.” You are born with a Cosmic Connection to your soul energy. You are born with a Cosmic Connection to the Divine. As you allow yourself to open up spiritually, you will be able to give more to yourself, your family, your community and your world.

    What to do with the last 10 seconds?
    Yes, yes, I realize that my instructions for the HappyU exercise only used up sixty of the seventy seconds. What should you do for the last ten seconds? How should I know? You are your own person and can use this ten seconds as you like. In fact, you can make changes in this exercise and customize it to your liking. The important thing is to find a way to change your mood in seventy seconds so that you can have more fun. And believe me, if you are having more fun, the people around you will also. Fun is contagious.

    A HappyU Helps the World
    U become happy, U become a valuable asset to yourself and others. A HappyU will be inspired and motivated. A HappyU will love each day of summer fun that comes your way, whether you are taking care of your kids, finding romance with a new love, working with a community group to help others, or just drinking lemonade in the backyard. Is this exercise fun? You bet. As much fun as eating corn on the cob on a hot summer night, and it works!



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