Starcodes: September 15-21

Starcodes for the week of September 15-21, 2023

Like waves stirred up by a passing hurricane, expect swirling energetic storminess this week as Mercury turns direct and the Sun, Uranus, and Pluto form a grand trine in earth signs this week. Blue skies shimmer after a storm and clearer sailing beckons us by the end of the week. Good changes are in the works, but we need to navigate this week with care.

Over this last month snafus, misunderstandings, or odd delays gave some of us great lessons in how to advocate for ourselves. We’ve been in an astrological holding and review pattern but now the planets ask us to turn forward and begin the next chapter. Stuck processes become unstuck, but life can get a little messy in the process. Like navigating a storm, it can help to remember where we’re going and stay focused on a calm place beyond the waves.

Over this next weekend we may need to straighten out misplaced orders, find lost obstacles, or catch up on a delayed body of work. Check all recent plans to see if they still work and adjust where they don’t. Listen to each other in a way that might’ve been hard in the last few weeks and enjoy some sweetening moments between the waves.

The weekend begins under a companionable Libra Moon which can help us navigate any turbulence as Mercury turns direct. It’s a good weekend to just enjoy one another’s company and appreciate the moment. Our emotional boat could start rocking again on Sunday and through early next week as sensitive Venus squares expansive Jupiter while the Moon enters broody Scorpio. We’ll see the detritus left behind after the recent Mercury retrograde cycle, what needs to be fixed, reorganized, or what deadline waits impatiently for us to catch up, and we could be extra emotional. Our trust could be tested and some experience may call us to expand our compassionate heart.

On Tuesday a whiff of confusion or insecurity needs a steady step as the Sun opposes diffusing Neptune while Mars quincunx Jupiter, leaving us willful, but uncertain. But by Wednesday we get a green light, the Moon enters forward-looking Sagittarius, the Sun trines Pluto, and new chapters begin.

starcodes week of September 15 through 21Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Friday, September 15: On this day of swirling possibilities, let’s work to understand one another, correct misunderstandings, and be supportive. It’s a good day to finish up short-term projects and get ready to turn towards the future as Mercury turns direct at 2:21 PM MDT, just be prepared to deal with unexpected plot twists. Enjoy a sense of relief this afternoon and evening, but still keep an eye out of snafus and crossed signals in the mix. Enjoy a flash from the past or a taste of tradition while staying situationally aware.

Moon the opposed Neptune 4:30 AM, Moon trine Pluto 7:49 AM, Moon enters Libra 11:44 AM, Mercury turns direct 2:21 PM, Sun trine Uranus 7:23 PM.

Saturday, September 16: Listen for potentially startling news overnight- whether it comes in dreams or headlines -as the Moon conjunct activating Mars. The rest of the day offers a chance to come back into balance, enjoy company, forgive oneself for recent foibles, and appreciate the world’s beauty under the collaborative and aesthetic Libra Moon. Just keep an eye on emotional expectations as we can feel the hint of deep connection but there may still be some temporary obstacles to work out.

Moon conjunct Mars 1:52 PM, Moon sextile Venus 5:57 PM.

Sunday, September 17: Our hearts could want more today, want to poke or tug at our situation to feel that emotional charge, whether it is positive or negative, as Venus squares Jupiter. People can express excitement or anxiety inappropriately. Instead of poking a sore point, love more and find something wonderfully intense to provide that feedback. Tonight, we could feel extremely ambivalent, crave both closeness and solitude at the same time, as the Moon squares Pluto then enters intense Scorpio.

Venus square Jupiter 12:09 AM, Moon square Pluto 7:06 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 10:58 PM.

Monday, September 18: We need to work out the lumps. Focus on fixing problems, getting organized, and taking a step forward as the Scorpio Moon trines Saturn and sextiles Mercury. We get a new understanding of the land ahead but may feel grumpy and need to expose some misunderstanding or pull out a thorn in our paw. Be patient with this process.

Moon trine Saturn 3:18 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 3:52 PM.

Tuesday, September 19: Maybe we could swear Mercury is still retrograde today as the Sun opposes confusing Neptune and brings a cloud of uncertainty or misperception. Be curious rather than certain, keep asking good questions. Track important items carefully as they may wander. Watch an irritable or accident-prone phase midafternoon as Mars quincunx Jupiter, use a burst of energy to attack some necessary physical labor rather than argue. Make necessary adjustments in the plan around dinnertime as the Moon opposes Uranus. Hit the reset button tonight.

Moon opposed Jupiter 4:15 AM, son opposed Neptune 5:17 AM, Moon square Venus 6:29 AM, Mars quincunx Jupiter 4:47 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 6:46 PM.

Wednesday, September 20: The light turns green, that new chapter builds momentum. Look for some good changes today as the Moon enters upbeat Sagittarius. Notice movement in some previously stuck situation. Remember to stick to what matters and let go of what doesn’t as the Sun trines Pluto; drop the trivia and be aware of global issues. Remember your goals and stay on target.

Moon trine Neptune one 6:06 AM, Moon sextile Sun 2:46 AM Moon sextile Pluto 4:21 AM Moon enters Sagittarius 8:05 AM, Moon square Saturn 11:57 AM, Sun trine Pluto 11:20 PM,

Thursday, September 21: Kick into gear, send out a resume or reach out to new contacts, go exploring, get going on this next chapter. Be enthusiastic about other people’s new beginnings and they will support yours. Meet a stranger. Be open to everyone, give people the benefit of your doubt, but trust people only as far as they have proved themselves so far.

Moon square Mercury 3:12 AM, Moon sextile Mars 202 12 PM, Moon trine Venus 4:25 PM.


Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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