Starcodes: November 17-23


Starcodes for the week of November 17-23, 2023

Pay attention to timing, pacing, and priorities. Don’t burn the turkey or the nut loaf, nor scorch each other’s ears this astrologically impatient Thanksgiving week. Please don’t downplay the importance of a warmhearted holiday in the midst of a tumultuous world, we’re not disloyal to those dying in a war by feeding connection and gratitude in our life. Both are true, both exist simultaneously. We can practice in the microcosm what we want in the macrocosm; step away from family feuds or old grudges, call a cease-fire while holding healthy boundaries, and feed grateful love with our attention. We can care about one another, what brings us health and joy, then return with more strength and resilience to pour into shaping world.

The headlines could buzz on Friday, though most of us could paradoxically want to decisively get it done under competent Capricorn Moon we also could want to drop the ball and rest. The Sun conjuncts Mars in Scorpio, a combination which can be pointed, edgy, impulsive, motivated, even ruthless – but they form an inspiring trine to Neptune which can soften the edges and tenderizer us. This pattern activates rebellion and volcanoes, but it also stirs that deeper place, a hope that our spiritual path can influence the course of our life, and the hope that the world’s compassion can influence the course of history. Believe in miracles, but don’t wait for them- work towards them.

The Moon moves into collaborative Aquarius over the weekend which can help us work together on simple projects or network for larger ones. Early next week, just when we should be tidying up for the coming holiday, the Moon enters sensitive Pisces; we probably know what we need to do, but just may not feel like it. The Sun sextiles Pluto and reminds us to sort what matters and stay on track.

A burst of energy can kick us into gear on Tuesday, help us get more ambitious about our work and our holiday preparations as Mars sextile Pluto. Then the mood shifts radically on Wednesday, the Sun enters Sagittarius, the Moon enters Aries–both fire signs– and suddenly we shift into high gear. It’s a great day for quick travel, just watch the tendency to get distracted -don’t leave a suitcase sitting on the porch.

On Thanksgiving the mood is cheerful, brusque, but with a short fuse and a few socially awkward moments. Remember that connection matters so much more than the details as the Sun squares Saturn. Traditions can stabilize us and help us find our feet in a changing world. The point of this Sagittarian holiday is gratitude, not of the questionable American myth, but to be grateful for the harvest, grateful for our choices and for the warm souls in our lives.

Friday, November 17: It furthers to have a project, put that ambient competence and ambition towards something we believe in – a vision or intuition – under a competence –inducing Capricorn Moon and as motivating Sun and Mars conjunct, trine Neptune. To do so we may need to clear the ground, cut one thing out to pursue another. Pay attention to social needs as Venus semi-squares Mars can cause unconscious friction, but also some delightful sparks. Watch for flashes of temper or possessiveness tonight.

Mars trine Neptune 1:35 AM, Venus semi- square Mars 5:20 AM, Sun trine Neptune 7:51 AM, Moon trine Uranus 12:51 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 7:52 PM, Moon sextile son 8:48 PM, Moon sextile Mars 8:51 PM, son conjunct Mars 10:41 PM.

Saturday, November 18: We could feel like we need two of ourselves, spinning with last-minute chores or errands and responsibilities to others, just when we’d really like a moment alone to process some existential angst as Mercury semi-squares Pluto. Know that everybody else we bump into may feel the same. Staying organized can be a task, use lists and other prompts to save time and sanity.

Moon conjunct Pluto 1:27 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 4:27 AM, Moon square Jupiter 6:49 PM, Mercury semi- square Pluto 9:59 PM.

Sunday, November 19: Today brings the second half of a play that started yesterday; follow through on what’s already begun. It can be hard to stay on target, we can get lost into side projects or try to do too much and leave half undone; tracking and rhythm help. So does attitude; whistle while you work. Stay focused but flexible, open to a change in direction mid-afternoon as the Moon squares Uranus.

Moon trine Venus 1:12 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 3:38 AM, Moon square Uranus 3:53 PM.

Monday, November 20: It could be an irritable morning, we could feel pressured to get a lot of work done in a short period of time as the Moon conjunct Saturn and the Sun sextiles Pluto, just as the Pisces Moon encourages us to nap or cry instead. We can do both, catch up on work and catch up on some emotional backlog as Mercury trine Chiron, if we rotate between and give them both room.

Moon square Mars 2:38 AM, Moon square Sun 3:49 AM, Moon enters Pisces 7:29 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 8:44 AM, Sun sextile Pluto 2:26 PM, Mercury trine Chiron 8:08 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 9:19 PM.

Tuesday, November 21: Feelings are still sensitive, but we may have more focus to accomplish this morning; complete the work at hand rather than start anything new. Deal with urgent decisions only and defer the less urgent for another week. Clean boundaries will simplify things; other people may ask too much because too much is being asked of them. Hold the line and set a good example for healthy generosity without doing their work for them.

Moon square Mercury 12:15 PM, Mars sextile Pluto 6:17 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 6:35 PM.

Wednesday, November 22: We are so done with ordinary business as the Sun enters Sagittarius and the Moon enters Aries, both impatient fire signs. Shift into holiday mode, travel and prepare; feel the gumption but prioritize safety over speed. Stay situationally aware and try to stay kind. Coordinating our efforts with others can be tricky as we can get so impatient if they are not moving at our rhythm. Let people move at their own pace but share constant updates for continuity. Feel the evening expand.

Moon conjunct Neptune 1:45 AM, Sun enters Sagittarius 7:02 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 7:28 AM, Moon square Mars 8:09 AM, Moon enters Aries 10:19 AM, Moon trine the Sun 10:34 AM.

Thursday, November 23: Haul out the best old recipes and traditions, they can stabilize us as the Sun squares thoughtful Saturn, just don’t haul out old grudges or bad habits. Prioritize gratitude, warmth, and healthy relations in the present moment. On this outspoken Sagittarius holiday we can be brutally frank and make for sore moments if great family stories, or we can be kind, ask good questions, and appreciate one another. Find humor in some socially awkward moments. It is not a paradox to be open, honest, and still be kind.

Sun squares Saturn 2:46 AM, Moon opposed Venus 3:57 PM, Moon trine Mercury 8:51 PM.

Provided by Heather Roan Robbins




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