The Book of Light : Interview with Alexandra Solnado Part 2


Alexandra Solnado, a bestselling author in Portugal, is receiving worldwide praise for her new book, The Book of Light. Like the ancient I Ching, readers come to The Book of Light with a question. They select two letters from the ancient Aramaic language used by Jesus, and the combination of the letters points the reader to a select message from Jesus, transcribed by Alexandra.

On March 28, 2002, Jesus appeared to Alexandra for the first time. Jesus immediately began to dictate to Alexandra messages for 11 books, for spiritual therapies and 1,000 meditations. He became and continues to be a constant presence in her life and consultations.

Was there an initial message directed to you personally that changed your perspective on everything? What was it?
All His messages are extremely beautiful. They are all very inspiring. Throughout these 10 years that I have been writing, I have received all types and forms of messages. I received messages I was writing for the books but which I also felt were meant for me, which made a lot of sense in my life. But I have to admit that the messages from Jesus, which I like the most, are the messages in which He shows the love He feels for Humanity, where He shows that in spite of sometimes being far from the light, of people being far from the light and having a lot of inner violence and being extremely intolerant, He continues to love us with open arms, waiting for us to look towards Him.

42: Unconditional Love

Today we are going to talk about unconditional love.
It is the forbidden love. It is the love that everyone yearns for, that everyone wishes to touch.
It is the love that is neither interested in what you believe in or the way you behave, nor in your status, religion, circumstances, or surroundings.
It is an unmitigated love, a love without fear and without judgment. It has no memory or feelings of revenge.
It is absolute love.
It simply loves and that is all. It loves for no other reason than to love. It loves without reservations.
No matter whom you are, no matter what you do, or what consequences you attract, or how you live your life, I will always be here.
Always ready, always whole, loving you as you are.
For the way you chose to be in this lifetime.
My love is not conditional, there are no restrictions. I only love.
This is my way of protecting you, guiding you, understanding you, and enlightening you.
Life teaches you lessons, and I love you. Together life and I work side by side in guiding you through your passage on earth.
Open up your heart. Let my love enter. Only when you have received my unconditional love and feel protected by heaven can you emanate love. Emanate self-love, which will inevitably allow you to forgive yourself and accept yourself as you really are – emanate love towards others, which in its turn will bring more love – emanate love towards the earth and animals, which will prolong human beings’ stay on earth.
Open up your heart. Reconnect with your feelings.
Just for a while, stop thinking, running, and flying without any sense of direction or meaning.
Stop. Look into your heart and open it up.
Let me inside, slowly, one step at a time. Let me enter and remain there.
And you will see how everything becomes clearer. How everything transforms into light.
And I will have one more reason for being here. And that reason is you.

How did the book, The Book of Light, come together? Did Jesus give you the complete vision for how the book would be arranged and used by readers?
Yes, absolutely. All the details are dictated. The first time He spoke to me about this book, I was at the launching of one of my other books, also with messages from Jesus, and He said the following: “We have written many books, intended only to be read, people read the books from start to finish, but then they don’t know how to integrate any of these concepts into their lives. Imagine: a person has a specific problem and taking into account all the books that we have already written, which concept is this person going to apply to this specific problem in his or her life? Let’s write a book with questions and answers, a book where if someone has a problem, all they need do is ask the question and then read the answer. They only read that message and then they have a direct reply to their problem. It will be a way of giving people spiritual concepts that they can apply more directly in their everyday lives.”

I refused. I said, “No, no, no. It is one thing to hear messages and to write them down, that I can accept — and I was already hesitant about accepting it, it was difficult but I did it — but to have the audacity to answer these questions, I don’t think I can do that.” I fought against this concept, against this request, because I didn’t think I was capable of doing it.

And He said, “All right, then there are to be no more books.” And we left it at that. Approximately a month went by without Him dictating anything, for He only wanted to dictate this book. I realized that I had to make a choice — either I trusted Him once again or there would be no more books. So I decided to trust Him. And it has been a tremendous experience.

Yes, He explained everything, how the “chart” works, that the questions would be asked using symbols from the Aramaic alphabet, which was the language that He spoke, and that one would remove two pieces and then go to one column and then the other to join the two pieces and receive the answer. He explained everything, absolutely everything. In fact, my work is to “remove” Alexandra during this time in order to receive only what He wants me to receive.

What reaction to The Book of Light have you received from the public in Portugal? Can you share any stories you have received about how the book has helped people?
This book is very magical.

The Book of Light has had — and it is still having — a tremendous impact on the Portuguese public. The book became an instant bestseller, reaching No. 1 on the national top sales list, where it stayed for several weeks. But the most important thing about this book is how it has led people to look deep within themselves and actually helped them change their lives, as you can see from one of many stories I received….

One morning, while I was consulting a book about the wisdom of life, I got a message saying I would receive a gift. As I got to work, I met a friend who had just bought The Book of Light. As soon as I took the first two symbols, I realized I had much more than a simple book in my hand. I spent the whole afternoon asking questions and receiving answers. After a few days, almost all of my colleagues at work wanted to take the symbols, too. I bought the book, as well, and I started carrying it with me all the time. Such a precious treasure can´t be guarded, it has to — and should be — shared by everyone. All my colleagues who chose to follow the Light, have radically changed their lives, including myself. The Book of Light is my daily guide. There are days when the pain is so much that I get on my knees and cry…and others that I reach up so high in Heaven that I don’t even want to get down. It is not easy, but it is REALLY worth it…. The Book of Light has taken me to so many places inside me, and outside, too. The messages have such a transforming power. Vital messages for all humankind and of such an exceptional love. I have been waiting for you for a very long time…. Cláudia

The book makes use of 17 symbols in the Aramaic language used by Jesus when he walked the Earth. How would you describe the symbols and how they could be translated into English?
The symbols are letters of the alphabet. Jesus did not wish to give a meaning to each symbol; He simply wished to use the alphabet so that the Aramaic energy, the energy that existed when He was here, would be present. That is all. The Aramaic energy is the connection; none of the symbols have a special meaning, they are just part of the alphabet. On picking out two of these symbols I am making the connection with Jesus, precisely through the language that He once spoke.

Why is Jesus offering this information to us now, at this time? What messages, if any, has Jesus given you that describe his feelings toward humanity at this time or describe how he interprets what humanity is going through now?
There is an esoteric saying that goes, “Everything that reaches its limit, turns to its opposite,” and humanity is clearly reaching its limit, a limit of violence, of intolerance, of a lack of respect for others. There is a lack of emotion of a higher energy, a lack of feelings and an excess of mental activity. The Earth cannot take much more; its resources will not last much longer. It is as if Humanity is walking towards the edge of the precipice.

And the task Jesus has, as a Being of Light and for actually being responsible for humanity itself, is to help us make that spiritual leap, a qualitative leap in our energy, to prevent it from extinguishing. The Era of Pisces which is now coming to an end was also the era of the intermediaries, of judgment, of guilt, of fear and resentment. The Era of Aquarius, which is now arriving, is the era of the healing of the soul, of the healing of karma and of interaction between worlds.

The idea is to no longer have intermediaries. The idea is for people themselves to start meditating and learning how to go up to heaven to get information. The information that is useful for one person may be of no use for another. Each person has to go in search of their own information, without intermediaries. There is actually an esoteric saying that says, “Each and every spiritual guide can only help me as far as his own conscience goes.” If someone that is trying to help me has a low level of awareness, he won’t be of much help. The idea is to learn how to go up there, to heaven, to get exactly what my consciousness can reach.

Here are some of Jesus messages about humanity…

250: To Be Reborn

You are being reborn.
In all senses, in all forms, in the most trivial of day-to-day activities, you are being born again to a new life.
You are gradually becoming closer to me.
You are gradually becoming higher, purer and more subtle. You are gradually reaching the dimension of the sky where fairies can fly.
This is the time of rebirth. It is the time for men to understand their mission.
To recognize that man’s true mission, the only mission possible for human beings within humanity, is to be capable of being unique, distinct, and inviolable.
It is to be able to stand out from the seven thousand million people that exist.
Be authentic.
Be organic.
Be special.

72: My Love

Give them my love.
That is all. Give them my love.
Give them the love that you receive from me.
Do whatever you need to do so that my love reigns in your heart.
Do your best to remove density and the negative and destructive memories, and emotions that exist.
Try to avoid having rage, hate, envy, and bitterness in your emotional system.
Reach into your pain as much as you need to, deactivate your memory and then ascend. When you arrive here, make sure that you are light, fresh and crystalline, so that my love can be blessed, so that my love can embrace the world through your vibrations.
And when you are out on the streets, when you talk to people, when you are where you need to be in your daily life, the enormous amount of love that I feel for humanity will burst forth from you and invade the whole planet.
And you will know that it is me.
You will know that it is I that has invaded the streets, and people’s souls.
And everything will become clearer.
And everything will become cleaner.
And everything will take on the vibrations of heaven, because this is the only way that man has of returning home.

240: Feel the Love

…Summon the energy of those people you have loved and continue to love in this life.
Even those who were not always good to you but whom you loved.
Even those that hurt you but whom you continued to love.
Summon the energy of all those people. And feel the love.
Feel the love you have for them.
Acknowledge that regardless of what has happened between you, they are here in your life to teach you how to love.
And to honor the love that is inside you.
They are in your life to show you that you have all that love there inside you to draw on.
So that you may love without expecting anything in return.
Rather than being something you use to barter, love is a blessing for those who feel it. For those that can feel it. Simply feel it.
Hold on to the energy of those people that are before you. And love.
That is all. Love, love, love.
And regardless of their response to your love, you will feel your energy changing vibration and ascending.
And when your chest is on the brink of bursting open because of all the love that it emanates, raise your conscience and come and show me your love.
For you can only love me if you love other men – or their souls – if you are able to love life.
Therefore, when your chest is almost bursting with the love you feel towards humanity, irrespective of the many flaws it has, you will immediately be loving me.
And loving yourself, for you are part of that immensely imperfect, yet magical race called humanity.

How has The Book of Light affected your life personally?
It affected my life a great deal, because even though I had written many books before The Book of Light, this book revealed not only that the channel is open, but just how strong the channel is and how those people who are willing to receive information from heaven will receive it. It is remarkable.

Do you intend to share more messages from Jesus in the form of books or written communication now that this book has been published?
I would love to publish all the books that I have already written and continue to write. Let’s see how the public in the U.S. reacts to The Book of Light, how the public in the U.S. reacts to the messages from Jesus.

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