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butterflyThe Edge explores all aspects of holistic living — the experience of living authentically, the integrative approaches of complementary healing, eating consciously, the arts, metaphysics and the intuitive arts, our integral connection with nature, spirituality and the mysteries beyond.

The Edge is committed to sharing information, wisdom and resources with you. And, we are committed to businesses, organizations and individuals who support our collective journey to wholeness and balance. The Edge is only made possible through advertising from people like you. We appreciate your support in allowing us to serve you continuously in print from 1992-April 2020 and online since 1998.

Explore the history of The Edge on our 25th Anniversary page, where we share highlights and important articles throughout the legacy of this publication.

Explore holistic businesses – in the Twin Cities, Upper Midwest USA…and beyond. Learn about coming events that support Body, Mind & Soul. Contribute articles — submit them here or via email — and post comments about articles that inspire or inform you. Learn more. We certainly invite you to use our publication as a place to advertise what you offer your community. And we encourage you to read our publication. Bookmark our site and keep track of coming events and more Edge articles to read later. Let your friends know about us. Spread the love. Seek out our advertisers through the digital advertisements, and listings — and through their websites and physical journeys to their business sites — and find ways to support those who support us.

Above all, we welcome all souls — just as you are.

The Edge Staff

  • Publishers: Tim Miejan & Cathy Jacobsen
  • Editor | Website: Tim Miejan | 651.578.8969 | [email protected]
  • Sales & Marketing Manager | Business Manager: Cathy Jacobsen | 763.433.9291, fax 763.433.9290 | [email protected] | P.O. Box 664, Anoka, MN 55303
  • Edge Talk Radio Coordinator: Cathryn Taylor | 612.710.7720 | [email protected]
  • Production Editor: Melissa May
  • Proofreading: Rachel Miejan
  • Transcription: Jean Wallis

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The Edge History & Demographics

Founded: The Edge debuted in the Upper Midwest as a free, bimonthly tabloid newspaper in August 1992 to promote the holistic community and explore the evolution of consciousness. The Edge has been a monthly publication since February 1993. Our articles were first placed online in 1998 when we launched our website. The Edge was reformatted to a newsprint magazine in 2004.

Ownership: The Edge was sold by Gary and Insiah Beckman to Tim Miejan and Cathy Jacobsen in January 2009. Tim edits and produces the magazine and website, and Cathy is the business manager, and manager of sales and marketing.

Outreach: More than 20,000 people read our printed publication monthly in the Twin Cities…and from around the world. Demographically, more women than men read The Edge. Most of our readers have researched or use complementary or alternative healing modalities, purchase self-improvement products, buy nutritional supplements and place a high importance on the sustainability of our planet.