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how to bounce back in difficult times

How to Bounce Back in Negative Times

We’ve all been there Learning how to bounce back & overcome a difficult situation can be tough. There you are strolling thru your daily routine...
staying spiritually active

Staying Spiritually Active

Long hours at work, working on homework with the kids, spending time with your spouse or partner and trying to figure out what is...
merging timelines for optimal outcomes

Merging Timelines

We are currently in a historic shift bringing us into a new world! It may appear to be dismal, dark, scary, and trapping but...
Synchronicity and Coincidence

Synchronicity and Coincidence?

Synchronicity was the term coined by Carl Jung for what he called "meaningful coincidences". This wonderful story is about Pete Newton who was out for...
emerging possibilities

Emerging Possibilities

First published on The Community for Higher Consciousness What a time of emerging possibilities we are living in! It is exciting, exhilarating, scary and uncertain...
Hikikimori social isolation palm print

What is Hikikomori?

The World Psychiatry Journal last year published a paper which documented studies done primarily in Japan on what they called "Hikikomori" basically this the...
Christine Day's September message from the Pleiadians

Pleiadian Message for September 2021

Beloved ones we greet you, We, the Pleiadians, alongside the universal community are increasing our presence on Earth as transformational light energies are unfolding on...
how to get unstuck: your helping hand at the end of your wrist

How to Get Unstuck: Your Helping Hand at the End of Your W-R-I-S-T

Article by Cheryl Lentz, D.M. During my 20+ years of teaching, thousands of students have asked why they need to take a course in thinking....
Ascension Through Truth background

Searching for the Truth

In the last column, Regain your Sovereignty, I provided information on how the terms “conspiracy theory” and/or “debunked” are used by the media, government,...
turn your summer vacation into the adventure of a lifetime

5 Steps to Turn your Summer Vacation into an Adventure of a Lifetime!

Image by Jackalope West from Unsplash Love Adventure?? Here are 5 Steps to Make your Dream Vacation Come True! For many of us booking a summer...
imagining our ideal world

Imagining Our Ideal World

First published on The Community for Higher Consciousness When you imagine an ideal world for human beings and all who inhabit the earth, what do...
Pleiadian message for August 2021

Pleiadian Message for August 2021

Beloved ones we greet you, A higher light is becoming manifest throughout your earth plane, building in layers and expanding its frequency in increments, aligning...
Ascension Through Truth background

Regain your Sovereignty

Living on a third dimensional planet, such as earth, is an incredibly special experience. In all other dimensions, you are fully awake. You have...
its a journey by grey wind raven

It’s a Journey

To those just starting to understand spirituality, their purpose, and their path on this journey to enlightenment, this column is for you. Each person’s...
Pleidian message for July 2021

Pleiadian Message for July 2021

  Hello, I have been imprinted by the powerful essence of the Covenant, which anchored on Earth late last month. The energy of the Galactic...
Pleiadian message I Am

A Pleiadian Message: I Am

The most powerful statement you can make are the words I Am. These simple words, spoken consciously, activate a truth. These words make a...
uncomplicate your life be in present

Uncomplicate Your Life & Be ‘In the Present’

I'm sure we all will agree that life is NOT perfect, never has been, never will be. We all have ongoing daily issues that...