Wings of Freedom energetic healing audios

How to Establish a Solid Morning Routine to Eliminate Stress

Mornings can be stressful, as any parent knows; with everyone running around trying to get ready for the day at the same time, it...
eternal truths and looking to them for guidance

Eternal Truths

Why We Should Look to Them for Guidance This earthly plane is where lessons that need to be learned by its inhabitants come into being....
awesome power of the human mind

The Awesome Power of the Human Mind that can Kill or Cure

It has been proved in numerous scientific experiments that human thought can affect bacteria, yeast, plants, ants, chicks, mice and rats, cats and dogs,...
meditation motivation mindfulness

Meditation, Motivation and Mindfulness

“Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit” – Jeremy Taylor While meditation might seem like a mystical practice relegated to...
finding hope and healing through reframing

Finding Hope and Healing Through Reframing

"Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine or actions" – Dallas H. Oaks The odds of a phone call like that...
learning to let energy flow

Tips to Slow Down and Get Grounded

Learning to let energy flow through you can protect you from feeling burned out and help you be more productive. Do you run around looking...
healthy nutrition influences harmony

How Healthy Nutrition Influences the Harmony in Marriage

Believe it or not, food is a love language, and sadly, it may not be spoken very fluently by many people. Food could be...
refreshing autumn fighting negativity

Refreshing Autumn

Fighting Negativity in Negative Times – that Continue to Linger The changing of the seasons can be very uplifting. For many of us, we just...
Finally free: healing from the wounds of trauma

Finally Free: Healing from the Wounds of Trauma

I was, by no means, “asking for it.” No one ever is. I was in a thick sweatshirt and jeans, ankles thrown up over...
the gift of a dead body

The Gift of a Dead Body

I never thought that a brief encounter with a dying man in India 30 years ago would have shaped the foundation of my career,...
moving on ways to let go

Moving On

The past eighteen months has been tough on the emotional body. Dealing with loss, bracing for the unknown, and shouldering through have all taken...
dreams on the ocean of cosmic consciousness

To Dream a Little Dream on the Ocean of Cosmic Consciousness

Looking back in time, I recall my earliest memory of this life being baptized as a baby. Since that time, life has continued to...
using past life regression

Using Past Life Regression to Find Your True Self

First published on The Community for Higher Consciousness Past life regression is one of the most potent ways to connect to the higher, wiser part...
cancer hope and healing a mother and son's story

Cancer, Hope & Healing: A Mother & Son Story

Today, August 16th, marks the five-year anniversary of my son, Jake, and his journey with cancer. Not only is this his story, but it’s...
awakening in nature to interconnectedness

Awakening in Nature to Our Interconnectedness

Excerpt from The Necktie and the Jaguar: A memoir to help you change your story and find fulfillment by Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD When I was...
changing your mindset

Changing Your Mindset

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become” – Buddha Why is changing your mindset so important? Can we really use the power of...
a carbon leap forward

A Carbon Lead Forward

Most people have heard of the concept of a quantum leap forward as being one big hop towards a higher degree of improvement. This...