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how to get unstuck: your helping hand at the end of your wrist

How to Get Unstuck: Your Helping Hand at the End of Your W-R-I-S-T

Article by Cheryl Lentz, D.M. During my 20+ years of teaching, thousands of students have asked why they need to take a course in thinking....
dreams on the ocean of cosmic consciousness

To Dream a Little Dream on the Ocean of Cosmic Consciousness

Looking back in time, I recall my earliest memory of this life being baptized as a baby. Since that time, life has continued to...
using past life regression

Using Past Life Regression to Find Your True Self

First published on The Community for Higher Consciousness Past life regression is one of the most potent ways to connect to the higher, wiser part...
cancer hope and healing a mother and son's story

Cancer, Hope & Healing: A Mother & Son Story

Today, August 16th, marks the five-year anniversary of my son, Jake, and his journey with cancer. Not only is this his story, but it’s...
awakening in nature to interconnectedness

Awakening in Nature to Our Interconnectedness

Excerpt from The Necktie and the Jaguar: A memoir to help you change your story and find fulfillment by Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD When I was...
changing your mindset

Changing Your Mindset

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become” – Buddha Why is changing your mindset so important? Can we really use the power of...
a carbon leap forward

A Carbon Lead Forward

Most people have heard of the concept of a quantum leap forward as being one big hop towards a higher degree of improvement. This...
indigeous native american child

Inspiration Found amidst Generations of Suffering and Loss

Shock Waves around the World Reports of 751 unmarked graves, mostly of children were discovered in a former Indigenous Native American boarding school in Canada....
health freedom in Minnesota

MN 146A – A piece of Health Freedom in MN you need to be...

With everything going on today, people may not be aware that the practice of medicine, in all its forms, is governed mostly by each...
life lessons my father taught me

Successful Life Lessons My Father Taught Me

Many of you have parents who engrained the benefits of living a successful life whether it is at home or in the workplace. Utilized...
we are the divine

We are the Divine

Our physical body's ability to hold a higher vibration of light has been accelerating since 2005. The purpose is to align with love, compassion...
activating our light codes

Activating our Light Codes

May has been an intense month already but for a good purpose. We have light codes within our DNA that are starting to activate...

New Publishers of The Edge Magazine: Kelly & Steve Wagner

Lifelong Twin Cities residents, Kelly and Steve Wagner have purchased The Edge magazine and will return the publication to digital and print Summer 2021. The...
today is mothers day anne pryor

Today is Mother’s Day, at Least That’s What My Calendar is Telling Me

Art by soul painter Anne Pryor. See more at   Today is Mother's Day, at least that’s what my calendar is telling me. I would...
uncomplicate your life be in present

Uncomplicate Your Life & Be ‘In the Present’

I'm sure we all will agree that life is NOT perfect, never has been, never will be. We all have ongoing daily issues that...
adjust mindset achieve positive change

How to Adjust Your Mindset to Achieve Positive Change

Recharge Your Life with a New Mindset Every season is perfect for a new beginning. In particular spring and summer is a time of rebirth...

Farewell to The Edge after 25 Years

For 12 issues each year, for the past 25 years, I have worked to illuminate our soul’s path through The Edge, a monthly publication...