A Pleiadian Message: Your Signature Key of God Light


Beloved ones, we greet you. The winds of change continue to flow across your Earth plane. A constant building of higher light structures is flowing onto the planet, creating a further lifting of the veils and forging doorways into other multidimensional realities.

The role of this higher light is to act as a modifier for your hearts, while simultaneously opening and expanding the multidimensional framework within planet Earth. These vast transformations are creating a pure form of light to ascend, exposing a new landscape of light patterning consciousness. This patterning is being created now for you to fully utilize to activate another level of your self-realization process.

The action of this patterning is arising from inside the Earth where the higher dimensional reality settings exist within the magnetic core. These reality vibrations are being drawn upwards and outwards across the planet. This movement can be likened to a kaleidoscope, with a constant movement of changing light patterns of multidimensional consciousness being projected within the atmosphere of your planet. This frequency has been setting up a powerful platform of crystalline energy for the expanded activation within your heart, brain cells and within your energetic field.

You can enter this forcefield of light consciously. This process is a natural action of you re-tapping into your heart through conscious intent. At this juncture, your conscious choice action is magnified and much more potent than ever before. These vibrations of light are designed to open you into a vast spectrum of the unlimited sacred light potential, in which you can engage to access the expanded vibration of your higher realm self.

Vibrational avenues
Through these shifts is the creation of an assortment of vibrational avenues that can be likened to a series of doorways. These access points allow you to access a higher consciousness reality base where you can align and navigate through to your higher realm component of Self.

A vast number of realities are operating simultaneously within your Earth plane. They have always existed on your planet. This is the moment for you to begin to actively work and engage within these entry points of higher consciousness.

A remembering sequence, which can only be accessed within your heart, enables you to link into a multidimensional map with a series of codes. These codes are innate within you; they are individual and uniquely Divine. Recognized by the collective consciousness within this resident Universe, they are known as your Signature Key of God Light.

Your key is now accessible to you within your heart’s multidimensional framework. As the essence of your key is activated, you set in motion a lineage. Your collective signature key energies are designed to establish a new order of light throughout humanity. Those of you who consciously reestablish your key energies are to play a further pivotal role in this destiny plan of Earth.

Unlimited energy
This time is about you reestablishing the connection of your lineage, which sets in motion a unique flow of unlimited energy within your heart. This process creates a sacred design to assist you in becoming more anchored within your heart and sets in place an established higher order of a light communion network between your heart and telepathic center.

Those of you who are ready to move beyond the illusion held within the barrier of the third-dimensional timeline are being called now. You are invited to enter these higher reality states of your consciousness and collectively navigate these doorways through your heart through the use of your signature key.

The action of the “so called” pandemic is playing a pivotal role in the transforming and transmutation of your cells. A higher level of electrical flow is being conducted through your brain synapses and within the nervous system. These expanded frequencies are strongly impacting your experiences of feeling a disorientation or dizziness. You need to slow down and rest in the stillness of your heart to allow an integration of these higher electrical light particles to assimilate through your systems. You are aligning to a higher state of your multidimensional consciousness.

The telepathic center within your brain is reactivating after lifetimes of being dormant. Yes, many of you have been actively engaged within some aspects of your telepathic center for some time. At this pivotal moment, your telepathic center is being shifted and turned up fully to enable you to navigate within the higher realm communion settings that are actively opening up on Earth. This expanded communion potential within you gives you a different scale of access potential of frequency than ever before.

The communion that is being held jointly by us extends fully around your planet to impact your ability to return to a place of self-empowerment, enabling a deepening alignment within your telepathic center. You are initiating the energetic transformation to return to fully experience the multidimensional potential within your heart. This is the time of a revolution of your self-resurrection!

Communion Experiences
You are being called to gather together energetically, forming and creating a series of joint communion experiences. This coming together will build and open you up within your multidimensional capabilities, allowing a higher stability to be maintained within the newly expanded openings of your telepathic center. This will allow a building and anchoring of a higher potential communion to be able to form within your individual groups. Ultimately, this will empower your group to operate within higher communion settings within the Universal communities. You all have essential roles to play in supporting the acceleration of light awakening on Earth at this juncture by moving yourselves to this capability.

Many of you have been aware of this acceleration and higher potential of light that has already been engaging within the Earth plane. This month you will witness a further upswing of expanded light enter the planet. There are many shifting dimensional changes that are being birthed within Earth, and the night sky will reflect these pure light forms that are creating dynamic changes in the way your planet energetically operates now.

Look for the forms of light appearing in your night sky, allow your awareness to open into these flowing forms and you will automatically be linked into a higher realm component of your consciousness. You are a natural part of this evolution. As you hold your heart and align to these energetic unveilings, a series of revelations will be bestowed upon you through the avenue of your heart.

All beings of light within this resident Universe are gathering as one consciousness to hold a prayer, a communion of love, for all of humanity — especially for those of you who are actively, consciously participating in this unfolding process. This is an enormous part of your destiny that you set in motion as you open within your hearts.

Activate another level of your mission now through a focused participation within your heart, no matter what! As you choose to enter these higher realm aspects of sacred consciousness, the old barriers within you, which have been held in place for lifetimes, will simply dislodge from your physical bodies and dissolve.

Be willing to let go of all that you think you are, all that you think you know and allow a falling away of the old, hidden, outworn ways of thinking and being within the illusion. Open onto a clean canvas of unlimited potential and simply allow the necessary changes to shift you in your life, giving yourself permission to be repositioned to align with Truth within your heart.

From within
Much has changed in your day-to-day routines, and yet the most important changes need to come from within you. You are being called to let go of all you hold onto, allowing Truth to be revealed to you now. Make room in your lives to receive the knowledge and understanding for this time. Through your heart connections, the answers can be given to you. By building heart awareness, you reclaim yourself and you claim your heritage of light.

We do know that the third-dimensional drama on your planet is creating a deep disturbance to the human ego mind. We ask you to disregard the illusion. Take one moment at a time and allow yourself to transcend the illusion by moving and aligning into your multidimensional heart.

The upending of your third-dimensional life, as you have known previously, is necessary for these huge shifts of awareness to occur. You can trust the vastness of your light, which has always resided within you, and take the necessary steps to deepen your connection to the force of your higher realm light within your heart.

Before you incarnated, you chose to be part of this process now, and by choosing to come and be here, much was revealed to you about this time of total reset on the Earth. The ultimate outcome and play out of this entire resurrection process of Earth’s consciousness and energetic frequency was shown to you. You still hold that memory within the multidimensional frequency within your heart.

You only need to play your role one day at a time, one moment at a time, trusting. Witness your life as it is — and then let go. Trust the sacred unfolding of your path. Utilize the conscious breath, in and out of the mouth, and choose to let go into your heart. This is your way Home, anchoring a profound awakening as you align deeper within this physical body.

Frequency Light
Lines of frequency light are emerging from within your planet, creating new forms and signature energies of God light. Each one of you holds a unique form of God light within your heart. As you consciously reconnect within your heart, you begin to align and activate your original God light frequency. These energy lines, which you activate within you, are designed to shift the entire body of consciousness within the planet. You set in motion a building of the unfolding frequency of change within the planet through this action.

As you individually activate your divine vibration within your heart, you set off a wave of light consciousness that impacts all of humanity. By holding your focused awareness within your heart in chosen moments, you contribute to the highest potential light frequency transforming Earth.

Be in a state of receivership within your heart. This means to be open to the many blessings that are coming as a natural byproduct of you consciously choosing reconnection to the higher realm state of your sacred heart. An aspect of your abundance is released in your life as you set in motion waves of your divine frequency.

Activation process
The following is the process of activating your signature key frequency of your heart. We want to remind you this is a natural process of reconnection.

1. Place both palms of your hands to rest on your chest. Utilize your conscious breath, in and out of the mouth, and bring your awareness and breath into where you feel the pressure of your hands or warmth of your hands on your heart space. Wait for a connection that you see, sense or feel.

2. Slowly bring your palms off your physical chest, bring your awareness to the space that opens around your heart space as you do this. Open into the space that you see, sense or feel.

3. Bring your conscious breath into the space and let go, and feel yourself move deeper within this space.

4. These sacred words are given to us for the reawakening of your signature key energy of your heart: AE ENTAE SHEN, ESTAE ASINTAHN EEE, ALIN ENTAE. Hold your awareness within the space while you place these words in the space of your heart.

5. Now breathe and let go deeper within the opening. Open up your awareness and let go into the energetic lines that are being created by the frequency of your words. You may see, sense or feel these energies.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 two more times.

7. Then slowly bring your awareness and palms back to rest on your physical chest. Feel the essence of the energy of the lines flow within your heart cells. Integrate with your conscious breath.

You can do this process daily to allow the full activation of your signature key energy.

We witness you as you reopen into your key signature frequency of your heart, and realign yourself within the individual phases of your God light. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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