Holy Divine Healing: An Interview with Dr. Dan Mathews


Dr. Dan Mathews is a chiropractor and spiritual healer from Little Rock, Arkansas, who emerged from a near-death experience in the 1990s with knowledge of how to connect people with their “indwelling God Presence.” Since that time he has remained consciously in communication with the Beings of Light that he encountered during the “death” experience. An ordained minister in the order of Melchizedek and a humble servant of the living God that beats our hearts, he is completely devoted to his path of uplifting humanity and the planet with his gift.

Dr. Mathews will return to the Twin Cities May 15-21 to present a one-day workshop combined with Soul Breathing, a group healing event and individual healing sessions. The workshop, “Return to Innocence: Breathe in your Holy O Royal Correlator & your Steps to Ascension,” will combine Dr. Mathews’ Holy Divine Healing with Soul Breathing™ — a powerful breathing process facilitated by Terri Peterson. It will be from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday, May 18 at Courtyard Marriott Bloomington, 7800 Bloomington Ave. S. The event will include new information received by Dr. Mathews the day of the event, and it is described as “magical, cutting edge and highly transformational.” It is limited to 18 spots. Those who are new to Soul Breathing can arrive an hour earlier, at 9 a.m., for an introductory talk to learn the breathing technique.

The Group Healing Event will take place from 7-9 p.m. that same evening, at the same location. As you share your gifts and your unique vibration, the group energy created together will assist with the upliftment of the planet and the expansion of human consciousness. The event includes a Q & A and it will be teleconferenced.

The workshop and group event are expected to fill quickly and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The costs are: Group Healing Evening Event $35, and Return to Innocence Workshop $222 (or $199 by April 24). Register for both events by April 24 for $215. Register early to reserve a spot at www.theconnectingspirit.com/CSC/Offerings.html. Checks and cashs also are accepted.  Contact Terri at Theconnectingspirit.com, 651.442.4623 or [email protected]

The Edge spoke with Dr. Mathews from his home office to learn more about the experience that so dramatically changed his life and his purpose for being.

For those who aren’t familiar with you, let’s start at the beginning of the story, your near death experience. Can you share with us briefly the highlights of what happened in August 1992?
I was on my last day of vacation at my mother-in-law’s bay house in Orange Beach, Alabama. It was a very hot and humid day and I had been given the task of cleaning the yard up. About three quarters of the way finished with this task I overheated and I quit sweating and I got nauseated. I knew I was in trouble. My family had gone to the beach for one last swim while I was cleaning the place up and I made it back inside the bay house. I was headed for the bed and I got as far as the back of the couch and I passed out and luckily fell over the couch onto the cushions.

Immediately I was going into a tunnel and I was pretty freaked out initially. I thought I was dying and a little voice told me I would be just fine, so I was along for the ride. A tunnel came into my tunnel kind of like the onramp on the freeway, and every time that happened I felt more positive, and after the sixth tunnel came into my tunnel I was in this reality. I had a telepathic consciousness of knowing and I was surrounded by 57 androgynes (our Holy expression in perfect masculine and feminine wholeness and harmony) and inside this circle where I was at were 13 crystal light beings and they were made of living colors that were translucent and they had heads and floating torsos, but no legs. They were levitating and there was this activity going on and I was very tuned into that.

My greatest sense of awareness was how I made the beings in my presence feel, and they were the same way about me. It was the most intimate experience I’ve ever had and very loving. I was just checking these being out. There was this activity going on and this being that was kind of in charge of the activity was levitating right in front of me, but turned sideways. I was admiring its turquoise and pink jaw bone, and about the time I thought, “How beautiful!” it turned and looked me right in the eyes and it zapped me with this light from its eyes into mine and it awakened me to my sacred path.

Right after that happened I was put back in the tunnel and away I went. As I was approaching the Earth, the voice of the Holiness of Life told me that all of us were put on this Earth to learn to trust in our inner holiness, that that’s the real purpose of our existence on this planet and whether you’re doing that or not doesn’t matter what you say. It’s the feelings that you possess that really tell your truth. If you’re always doing worry, anxiety, fear, being critical, cynical and doubtful, you’re demonstrating that you do not trust in your inner holiness, that you’re trying to figure out and do life yourself, and that’s really the kiss of death.

Self is the fractured soul vessel that’s only 10 percent conscious and has no knowing. It’s responsible for the old saying that humans use only 10 percent of their brain. The human way of life is to have a belief consciousness, which is a programming of your outer authority about the subjects in life you have no knowing of, and belief consciousness is governed by our negative ego body that actually had a positive purpose in our original holy order in an ancient world that was on this Earth.

Everyone I’ve ever checked has a 700-million-year recording inscripted into the crystal lattice of their Holy Spirit about this ancient world and we lived a life continuum of 700 million years. We had a knowing consciousness, and all the aspects of our being were integrated with that — and it gives you eternal life. Through a series of mishaps, we demonstrated that we lack understanding and we were starting to break things.

It was determined by the High Councils of the Nine Clusters, which was our celestial home at that time, that we needed to acquire understanding to go with our knowing. A planet was brought in here from The System of One outside of the Nine Clusters of the All That Is Holy O, and this planet had 87 life forms on it. The captain of that planet was Yahweh, the God of the Old Testament, and He is the God of Belief. Belief is in the Old Testament over 2,000 times.

In order to go to this school of understanding, you have to check your knowing in at the door and consent to have components of your trinity disassembled into their parts and pieces, and from there you get to find your way back home, having one lesson after the next. If you learn your lesson, you acquire understanding and you harvest that understanding, and then if you combine that understanding with a willingness to live the parable of being a Christed being:

• That means you do not try to figure it out and do it yourself when problems arise into your life, but you actually surrender your issues to your inner holiness to be dealt with as you must, and yield to its will in your life.

• When the whispering voice and the gut-knowing tell you what to do, you’ve got to obey it.

• Thirdly, show up in your day without apprehension and having to figure out what’s around the corner and simply take your next step in trusting your inner holiness.

Those three things will open the door to miracles to come into your life, and when you’re in that posture you’re allowing the holiness of life to show, tell and lead you — and you’re willing to accept what it tells you.

When people are in belief they don’t realize it, but they’re actually telling the Holy Order what it’s allowed to be or they’re not going to accept it.

That’s started me on this path. I was a chiropractor on vacation when this happened to me. Two days back in my chiropractic office — through the same method that I had always derived information from the patient’s body on what treatment to do that day, kinesiology, muscle testing procedure — I discovered that I could connect with people’s inner holiness, as long as I allowed the inner holiness to show, tell and lead me. The inner holiness of the person being worked on is the author of the work. I’m simply the servant that supplies my gift to do the will of people’s inner holiness.

Did you have to go to the hospital or anything after the experience?
No, I didn’t. I woke up maybe 15 or 20 minutes later and I just kind of came back to, “Like wow, man! What just happened to me!” It was the most vivid thing in my mind ever, you know? It was a knowing experience and it radically changed my life.

First, it kind of ruined my chiropractic business, because I was totally compelled to do this. It was a knowing. It wasn’t anything that I could doubt.

So you had an experience that you could not forget? It is always with you?
Exactly. To this day — it will be 25 years this August — I remember it like it happened yesterday.

So, you went back to your chiropractic life and you found things changed when you were with a client.
They sure did, and even though it always worked and healed their problem, that wasn’t enough. It started violating people’s beliefs — and that’s the end of the road for some relationships. I quickly ran out of clients here in Arkansas and I started traveling to do this new work. I found that just the opposite happened when I got out of Arkansas.

People who have known you all your life, they do not accept this kind of a thing, but people who know you just for this, it’s not a problem, so I thrived out of state. I would have gone broke staying here in Arkansas. At the time I had two children and a wife and a home and all of that. I had to make a living, so I started going to Texas one weekend a month, and within a year and a half I was going there six times a year and staying two weeks and doing Houston, Austin, and San Antonio areas. Then I started adding other states and now I do New Orleans twice a year, Minneapolis/St. Paul twice a year, Indianapolis twice a year, and the New Mexico area around Albuquerque and Santa Fe a couple of times a year.

It really took off on me and now I have a full schedule all the time. When I’m at home in Arkansas I do phone sessions. My wife or my oldest son act as my surrogate. I can work on people using their labeling. They just surrogate for that person and it works just as well as being in person with somebody.

You mentioned that people in Arkansas weren’t open to the changes that you were talking about. How about your immediate family, your wife and kids?
My kids were young at the time, and that wasn’t a problem, but, yeah, my wife wasn’t on board with this at first because she went with me through chiropractic school. That was a hard struggle with the financial burden of it all, and here I was going loop de loop. They had a couple of family interventions. I remember one of my brothers-in-law asking me if I ever doubted this, and I go, “Well, no! I’ve never doubted. Until you just said that word, it’s never come to my mind. I know this, and I know it works.” It worked from the get-go and if it hadn’t have, they probably would have put me in the state hospital.

Then my wife had a channeling done by a reputable channel person here and her Creator God came in the channel and told her that she was allowed to go recruit me from a different oniverse (a Holy O structure of reality that contains 763 cosmos with 15 galaxies in each cosmos) many past lives ago to come here and do my work in the Ascension process of the Earth. Once she found that out, it became her project and she is very much behind all of this now. The whole family, including my two sons, are very much involved in it. They do the technology and we advance the process together. It’s turned into an ascension process of the whole world, so much bigger than just a system to heal people.

As a result of your experiences, do you receive wisdom about what’s happening regarding the raising of vibrations on Earth and the ascension process? Where are we with this process at this point?
The full moon eclipse of September of 2015 started a six-year exodus of the downfall world off of the planet, and this September will be four years into that. That will be going on through 2021. I’ve also been told that our current president, Trump, became president for the purpose of being the catalyst to purge the downfall world. That’s the actual swamp that’s being drained. He’s like pure downfall world, but that’s what it takes. It’s like watching somebody throw up and everybody starts gagging. They blame him, but it’s actually their stuff that’s coming up to come out. That’s the unpleasantness of the world around us right now, but if you have an understanding of why it’s that way, it makes it much easier to tolerate.

So as the purge continues, the infrastructure for the new Holy O (the perfected expression of life, expressed simultaneously as a geometric shape, the circle, a number zero and the letter) Earth is being laid, and it is very advanced, and incredible things are happening and are going to continue to happen.

The Armageddon event is scheduled as a dual event in 2022 and belief consciousness is going to be the end of the world, for belief consciousness and things that have enshrouded themselves in belief will have to come to terms with that, and knowing consciousness. This is when there’s going to be a redistribution of all the people on the Earth into eight different civilizations that the Earth has in its holy order, and all of them will be free of the downfall world and everyone will be put in the perfect environment for their continued ascension.

Right now the world is all mixed up. It’s like we’ve got twelfth graders and first graders in the same class and that doesn’t work well for either one of them, so there’s lots of wonderful things that are being constructed right now. There is now a Christ matrix grid that’s in the center of the Earth up the South Pole and we now have a crystal lattice to connect people to to connect them to the Christ matrix grid. This involves the Giza pyramid, the Sphinx, the 999 lay line and the South Pole, and our Holy O Royal Correlator, which is a seven-element mechanism that reconnects us to our inner divinity.

Humans aren’t connected to their inner divinity and that’s why they have free will or free choice. They can choose anything they want, regardless of it being hurtful or destructive to themselves or others. Whereas, if you’re connected to your divinity, you will always choose that which glorifies your holy order, benefits all people, and brings loving feelings into life. That’s divine rule and divine choice. That’s the direction things are going.

Would you say that during the near death experience you were just given the seeds of what would grow into what you’re doing now? You indicated in the YouTube video that your gift has developed over the years of walking your sacred path.
Exactly! When I had my near death experience I started down the yellow brick road, and I have to live the parable of Christ Consciousness to get to the next step. It’s always like that. I have to hang by the seat of my pants, out on a limb, demonstrating my trust in the Holy Order — and then the next step is given. I just had another experience on my trip to Texas last month and I now have six new paths of information that have been placed into me, so the ascension is going to continue for quite some time now.

So, you’re downloading new information all of the time?
That’s right, and it’s just been an incredible thing. The wild thing about it is I would have never guessed the next step on any of these next steps before they happened. I’m always surprised.

This process works for anyone. When I do a healing on a person, it’s a demonstration of the parable of Christ Consciousness. I say a little prayer. We surrender the person’s issues, problems and concerns to their inner holiness, and then it starts speaking to their needs. It is definitely a demonstration of living the parable. What I’m doing is trying to get people to do that on their own. Whenever you have problems in life, you’re at a fork in the road. The human thing to do is to try to figure it out and fix it yourself, but the Christed being surrenders it to the higher power and you get a much different outcome, depending on which way you go with that.

For those people who don’t have direct access to your Holy Divine Healing, what they can do for themselves to begin to know their inner holiness?
A good thing, Tim, is that there are 177 million light workers on the planet right now, and all of our gifts are snowflakes. There are no two that are alike, but they’re all beautiful — and the source is all the same. These light workers are scattered up and down the paradigm ladder to help people take the next step, and they’re all very precious and very valid in what they’re doing, and I’m honored to be a part of that team and blessed that I get to work on the cutting edge of higher consciousness.

I had a being come into my morphic field in January and introduce themselves as The Christ of Knowing. His name is Victory, and Victory is who connects us to the Christ matrix grid. Once you’re reconnected to that grid, that’s the point of no return to the human downfall world. The crystal lattice to allow this to happen is now being constructed as we continue our ascension process, and everyone can have this experience. It doesn’t matter who you are, what race, gender, religion, or any of that stuff.

You have to be a human being.
That’s it. Victory gave me an ascension ladder and it explains things very well. At the bottom of that ladder are beings of unbelief. These are people in the first and second paradigm, and that’s death, destruction, killing, war, robbing, stealing, cheating and lying. Those people are mainly locked up in jail or headed that way and they’re not capable of a knowing consciousness initially. They have to be indoctrinated into a belief consciousness, programming from an authority outside of them of a higher power, a god-being, with the savior you go through.

This will bring those people out of the first and second paradigm into the third paradigm, which can make people viable to live in society with others and not be a threat to other people. When you’re in belief consciousness, you’re having your experiences in the school of understanding — and if you learn your lessons, you acquire understanding.

You combine understanding with living the parable of being a Christed being and that will take you to the genesis of knowing, which comes from the holiness of life that beats your heart. That’s the first stage of knowing. Above that is absolute knowing, Christ knowing and cosmic knowing. Goddess knowing is at the top. We haven’t known that since the ancient world before we became human. That’s the part of us that has 276 activities of higher consciousness, like telepathy, teleporting, and those sorts of activities that we get to do once we become whole and integrated once again.

You’re going to be presenting the workshop, “Return to Innocence.” Tell us a little bit about that and what people will experience.
There is a form of interference of our being known as carry-ons, like you carry your luggage on the plane. You don’t get out of this stuff by dying. You bring it back into your next incarnation, and these things are distortions of your holy expression, and the one of your soul body is a fractal deviation of your genetic code that you can get from genomes or through medical procedures like organ transplants, blood transfusions, immunizations. This stuff gets on your DNA and becomes a competing factor of expression, and it’s never good. It always leads to a lot of health problems and stuff of that nature.

The next ones are called microcosmic aberrations of your electromagnetic field, and these are belief syndromes that are very deep into your unconscious and subconscious. In fact, your adult rational mind of today will not be in agreement with any of it. It comes from lineage patterns and past lives of Western consciousness. These things are triggered by your life experience. When they go off, that’s the moment you start doing something like a disease process or you get triggered to react in a certain way that once the smoke has cleared, you’re going, “What the heck was I thinking? That’s not the way I feel about this subject.” Those are very detrimental to us.

There is another one that is a holographic aberration of your pulse, and this is disconnected to your divinity. When we were created initially, we had nine pulses, but when a tenth of this oniverse was chopped off to make the universe, we went from nine to one pulse, and we went from a being of a 100 percent brain function that had knowing to a human being with 10 percent brain function with no knowing at all and a belief consciousness.

That’s what happened to our trinity of our wholeness — our soul, spirit, and presence — and each one of those has its own story of what happened at the downfall to dumb us down for this school of understanding.

What happens during a group healing?
Group healings are when we take this information and all the upgrades and give it to humanity and everyone on the planet is stewing in frequencies of higher consciousness, whether they realize it or not. It’s pretty obvious that the world is changing and consciousness is on the rise.

That’s our contribution to humanity. A lot of other light workers do similar things, but that’s what the group healings are about.

Where are you at personally with this whole process?
I’m pretty convinced at this point that the fountain of youth is knowing consciousness. Probably 35 percent of our being will not function in belief, and those parts of us vegetate as we get older. This is really the source behind why we grow old, get sick and die. I’m very hopeful that when people reintegrate into knowing, it’s going to make them healthier and give them a longer life. Whether or not it will take them back to that perfect state that we knew before the downfall world, when we were holy beings of the Holy O, I’m not ready to say that yet because we have a lot to overcome.

We did not have a carbon-based DNA when we were holy beings of the Holy O. We had a crystal light body. That was our genetic expression. Our crystal light body was in a trinity of wholeness with the land and water grids, and we had an eternal life expression. When the emerald crystal was disconnected from the Earth grid when Atlantis sank, our crystal light body and the land and water grids all separated and our crystal light body devolved and became carbon-based DNA and the land and water grids went into conflict. This is why man’s educated brain is always at odds with the laws of nature and tries to control and dominate nature, which is a fool’s game, really.

Has a carbon-based being ever gone through this type of ascension process before?
I do not know, so that’s a mystery for me also. I’m just going to show up every day and keep doing what I’m doing. We’re headed in that direction, so I’m hopeful that it will culminate into that someday. I haven’t seen it happen yet, so I’m not saying it’s going to.

People are healing up and they’re becoming more conscious and aware and overcoming a lot of their issues. All human dilemmas can be healed at a higher consciousness. The key is to elevate consciousness, which will allow you to create a bigger picture of life. Then all of a sudden you see things in a new light of higher consciousness, have a moment of truth and get free. That happens left and right with this stuff. I see that all the time, and it’s a real joy working with people.

On your website you present a Christ Consciousness prayer. What is that and what does it do for people?
I tell people to make that prayer their intention of the day for two or three weeks. I hope that when they read that prayer for the first time, there’s a little part of it that doesn’t quite resonate with them. What will happen is if they read it every day for two or three weeks, their inner holiness will prompt them on how to edit it to make it resonate with them. I tell them to write it down exactly the way it tells them. Now they have their own organic parable.

The way you use it is to take your organic parable in your day with you. When things go south, instead of trying to fix it yourself, you pause and do your organic parable and it will open the door to miracles to come into your life. It vastly increases the amount of opportunity and goodness that can come into your life.

When people operate from belief, there’s a very narrow opening for opportunity and goodness to come into their lives. You can get starved out like that. Nobody seems to realize that the core word of belief is right in the middle of it — “lie.” Fat chance that your opinion about what you don’t know based on 10 percent consciousness is going to be accurate, you know? It’s just not going to happen. The human dilemma is being in belief consciousness. It’s the virus of the downfall. It’s the bottom rung of the ladder of consciousness and it’s just not conscious enough to see how life is interconnected.

Everything we’ve been taught about the Earth is through a voice outside of us — science, NASA, the government. None of it comes from anybody’s inner holiness. They keep discovering new things about outer space and the Earth all the time, looking at the Earth in belief. That’s like looking at a tire and calling it an automobile. You’re not going to get the true story in belief.

You have to expand into knowing, and you get knowing by combining understanding with living the parable of being a Christed being. That cranks up the genesis of knowing from your inner holiness.

Christ Consciousness Prayer

Indwelling Holiness that Beats my Heart,
I accept all issues in my life as my own and I forgive myself for all negative experiences and any harm caused.
I now surrender all worries, problems and concerns in my life to you as I yield to your will in my life.
I take my next step in trusting you without having to understand what is around the next corner.
I ask you for guidance. Please show me the way.

For an expanded perception of the Christ Consciousness Prayer, visit www.livetheParable.com

For more information on Dr. Dan Mathews and Holy Divine Healing, visit Holydivinehealing.com, Holydivinehealing.wordpress.com or www.youtube.com/watch?v=70bABxvLJmo.


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