A Medium’s Perspective on Death and Dying


There are many resources when you have lost a loved one and for what happens to those who have passed. As a medium, I work with souls that have passed from this physical realm, into the energetic spiritual realm. Everyone who has passed is so unique, with such different frequencies and vibrations. You may look at this as their personalities. As you think of all the people you know, think of how different they all are, and what makes them special. When people pass, their differences and uniqueness stay with them. Their personality continues to be an integral part of their soul, their essence of being. A person’s individuality allows each of them to communicate with me in their own unique way. The ways they communicate are many and varied. Some are strong and outspoken; others are quiet and shy. Communication can be shown to me with images in my head or in front of me. These forms of communication include words, signs, feelings, and knowing. Tasting, smelling, hearing or physical sensations on my body are all a possibility of being present as well. Since a soul has many ways to reach out to us, I continue to keep learning and understanding. Look at it like learning a new language or a new way to communicate.

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Of all the connections I have made to those on the other side, I have never had anyone show me, they were alone when they passed. Someone was there to greet them and welcome them, whether from the physical or non-physical realm. During a time where one has shown me, they have experienced what we may call a horrific or painful death, they have shown that their physical body may have been experiencing the pain. Their soul was not and was separate from the physical body. Some have shared what happened during their passing with me, like a movie playing out in my head. Others have shown they purposely picked someone to be with them when they passed, in some of these traumatic experiences. Know it was out of love that you were chosen to be there, if you have been with a loved one during a time like this. You may have just been with your loved one when you stepped out of the room, and they passed. You may have gotten together with a few people and had a small respite from everything going on, and they passed when you were gone. Hearing from those that passed, they couldn’t do it with the ones they cared about most in the room. Not because they didn’t love them, but because they loved them so much, they had a hard time leaving them behind.

Having the honor and privilege of being with close family members when they passed has given me a whole new perspective. They have shown me the moments as they have left and joined who was greeting them, along with the all-encompassing love, from those on the other side waiting for them. Knowing they are greeted with more unconditional love when they arrive, gave me comfort when sending them off to their new start. The communication does not stop the moment they pass. There is no need to wait a certain amount of time, to then reach out and connect with them again. They are always available to us.

Those that passed have shared so much information. Information for their family, and clarity about themselves. Some share what they would like to contribute or would like to be used to honor them after they have passed. I have had the honor of watching some participate in their own funeral, as they enjoyed the celebration for them and their life. Everything you do to honor and keep your loved one in the forefront, is seen and acknowledged from those on the other side. I am always in awe of all that they teach me. I continue to learn every time I do a session for a family member or friend of someone who has passed. I am forever grateful for them sharing this knowledge, so that I can share it with you.


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Angela Zabel
Angela has connected to those on the other side her entire life. People who passed and those from other realms, here to support us. Healing energy, messages from those that passed and information to help you on your journey, are shared with compassion. Offering online and in person private and group sessions, personal and spiritual growth coaching, classes and retreats at angelazabel.com.


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