Psychic insight – Opportunity for Growth or Superstition?


    Somebody said to me a while ago: "A real psychic is a hot commodity."

    And it seems like it, considering the renaissance psychics are experiencing currently on TV shows such as "Medium" or "Psych," psychic radio shows and TV commercials or Sylvia Browne’s books selling on the mainstream market.

    I even read that 35 percent of the American urban police force uses psychic advice in unresolved murder cases, and the Pentagon offered careers in psychic spying to a select few. Yet psychics nevertheless face a poor reputation.

    What is a real psychic, and what do they do? And more important, what is it good for? Can it be used in service?

    Can a psychic tell my future (as if I had nothing to do with it?). And would that even be a practical, meaningful thing to do?

    In my perception a psychic is somebody who turns the pages of time a little (transcends the illusion of time) and reads what a person has energetically projected out into their own future. What is read is that which is coming into being at this time, created from within the person.

    A psychic picks up where the precious creative energy of a person has been directed. Inner decisions can be read that somebody has already made – sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously – and those may be about to manifest.

    So if you are making a right turn and keep on going to the right, you end up on the right. This is what a psychic can read as an outcome. And what if you don’t like the outcome of ending up on the right? Don’t kill the messenger. This is where personal responsibility comes in. Turn left instead.

    A psychic reading without personal responsibility of the client often is mere entertainment. (We take the "good stuff" and forget about the "bad," as we are telling ourselves that we don’t believe in this whole stuff altogether.) So if you don’t like ending up on the right, and you would prefer the left, there is the opportunity to examine inner beliefs, choices, decisions and judgments about self, life, other people. There is a healing opportunity present.

    If you don’t like arriving at the right, look inside what inner aspect of the personality creates the outcome, adjust your belief system, redirect your energy and create a different outcome.

    Is life predetermined or are we always creating our own reality? Did we sign up for this incarnation and find ourselves amidst certain learning opportunities? Is what happens to us "karma," something that has been created by us through past judgments?

    I would be suspicious of anyone who claims they know the answer. After all, the mystery of who we are and why we are here may be one of the oldest questions, and a sacred key to the legacy of our beingness.

    Doing psychic readings, it appears to me like this (and this may only be a reflection of where I am in my consciousness): if a person is somewhat unconscious about their inner processes and how they direct their creative life energy, it may seem like life is predetermined. An inner script is followed, maybe a script passed down from the ancestors. Our conditioning. From there, life just somehow happens and assembles the lives of our caretakers. Life is attributed to circumstance, and feelings are caused by people and things. We almost seem to react from the workings of an inner alien. Something makes us do these things over and over and we don’t quite know why.

    In this state of mind, life may indeed appear predetermined. It can seem like there is no way of escaping certain events, and no way of escaping our conditioned responses to certain stimuli. And in this state of mind, a psychic reading would be truly scary, and the least healing. It wouldn’t do much more than lock in certain belief structures – and cement one outcome out of many.

    One personal example here. It often happened that I would foresee an argument with my husband in a dream, and my knowing about it would in no way alter the upcoming event. At some point it became clear to me that I was running a certain emotional program that had "feeling unwanted and rejected" at the base of it. And ultimately, a level of rejection of myself. These semi-conscious beliefs and inner decisions about myself were in the process of creating this argument. And even though I wasn’t fully aware of what inside of me was creating this, I could "read" the manifestation of it in the near future.

    So in this state, it seems predetermined. Then I found when I had a dream about an argument, and I took it as an opportunity to deeply examine what was going on inside of me, how I was relating to myself and how I felt about myself in relation to him and life, and I consciously released the operating judgments about myself, and him, I could balance my inner environment into a state of loving. In that scenario, the argument wouldn’t happen. Or a conflict would come up, and we would resolve it peacefully and lovingly.

    Now, this might sound like common sense: I wasn’t upset and was feeling good about myself, so I wouldn’t get into an argument. Still, it is a good example of what can be read psychically and how we can alter the outcome. What a psychic reads can be followed as one track of experience, and it can also be altered if we raise our consciousness into more love and light.

    This is where a psychic reading has the most healing potential, and where it can create the highest good. If it can raise a person’s consciousness into loving and forgiveness, there is a return to the true essence of our beingness. In the core of our beingness, there is only love, and all experience is viewed neutrally. In this center of peace we can decipher truth from illusion, separate from the painful judgments we have created and hurt ourselves with, and let go. We experience a raising of consciousness into a higher frequency of love, and we are free to create more harmoniously and in alignment with our true divine essence.

    Psychic insight can be used in service to healing ourselves and the planet. The consciousness in the approach to this infinite wisdom available within determines whether a reading is healing or not.

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    Veronika Stutz
    Veronika Stutz has been doing intuitive readings for 20 years. She is a certified psychic and is currently working towards a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, California. She can be reached at [email protected]. Copyright © 2006 Veronika Stutz. All rights reserved.


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