great blue heron poem

Great Blue Heron

"Look, I want to love this world as though it’s the last chance I’m ever going to get to be alive and know it." — Mary Oliver, “October” Busy inhabiting my world— blazing car, radio blather, coffee buzz that wouldn’t last— I...
moose spirit animal message

September 2023 Moose Spirit Animal Message: Show Your Strength

Are you seeing red this month? Or maybe for you the cooler vibes of September offer a welcome invitation to slow down and look within. Either way, you could be feeling the energy of this...
what is a Blue Moon?

What is a Blue Moon?

There are two types of Blue Moons – one is called a seasonal blue moon and the other is a monthly blue moon. We are most familiar with a monthly blue moon. Monthly blue moons...
spider spirit animal message

Spirit Animal Message for August 2023: Spider Medicine

Spider is an incredibly powerful totem, connected directly with the ancient powers of creation. The dark side of Spider embodies the deepest horrors imaginable to humanity. But the Light polarity of Spider is even more...
messages from the whales: we are waiting to communicate

Messages from the Whales: We are Waiting

A small fleet of electric boats arrived at the meeting spot and dropped anchor. Gentle waves lapped at the boats while the land delegation waited on board. Soon enough, a fin was visible, then...
green flash at sunset

Green Flash

The legendary green flash is real. After more than fifty years living on the coast and countless sunset viewings, I finally saw it, as the last slice of ripe tangerine slipped into the horizon’s expectant mouth. I had thought it a tall...
mama bear spirit animal message

Spirit Animal Message for July 2023: Stand Your Ground

Few animals have earned humanity’s admiration and respect more than the Bear. Venerated from ancient times to the present, this powerful creature is universally both loved and feared for its strength, imposing presence, and...
duck spirit animal message

Spirit Animal Message for June 2023: Don’t Stop Now!

Few birds are more adorable than the waddling, quacking Duck! But for all its awkward cuteness, Duck can be a powerful spirit animal guide. A strong migratory flier, Duck is no stranger to the journey...
Breathing in Thailand

Breathing in Thailand

When I told my friend I was traveling to Chiang Mai, Thailand, for two weeks in January 2023, she said one thing she’ll never forget about me is that I’m fearless. Since my trip,...
earth element

The Elements: Relating what we observe in nature to what we uncover in our...

When I first began studying astrology, it felt like a combo of deciphering ancient Babylonian glyphs, re-living 10th-grade geometry, and pronouncing Uranus differently than my inner 12-year-old preferred. The astrological learning process became far...
Tofte sunrise poem

Tofte Sunrise

It’s cold outside as I prepare myself in the darkness. Staying in bed would be so much better I think. It can wait, the sun will come up again tomorrow. Then a voice comes to me, why...
heal mother earth heal ourselves

Embracing the ‘Mother Ideal’

Calling on the “Mother” within, to Heal Ourselves & Mother Earth What Is The Mother Ideal? What is the mother ideal, you might be wondering? In many cultures across the globe, the ones most responsible for...
hibiscus sabdariffa flower

Hibiscus and What it Can Do for You

Have you ever really looked at a Hibiscus? The beauty of this flower is compelling. Most people recognize this flower as a tropical flower, in fact it is the state flower of Hawaii. In...
Rhodiola rosea dried root

5 Adaptogens For Building Stress Resilience

Adaptogenic plants assist your body in developing increased stress resilience. If you're anything like me, you might use some more "stress support" at this precise moment. So, what is it that makes a plant...
every home needs an Eco-Mentor

Reawakening our Innate Eco-Intelligence

Green Lifestyles Have Become Trendy Green Lifestyles Have Become Trendy In today’s world, it has become somewhat trendy to live a “green life.” More and more people are beginning to create a “green lifestyle” by...
New Mexico in my dreams

New Mexico in My Dreams

When an unexpected event occurs in one’s life and particularly if it is associated with something you like, love, enjoy, and understand, you sit up and take notice. Travel has played a major role...
every home needs an Eco-Mentor

Every Home Needs an ECO-MENTOR

Every home and community needs an Eco-Mentor. Do you possess the desires, qualities and aspirations of one? It goes without saying that today’s world is changing fast. And some of the changes that are taking...