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Author’s Note: Everything in this article is completely true. If anything, I have held back on some of the mystical details. My concern is that it may stretch credibility for some readers, but this article portrays a reality that we live with each day. It could be that more souls are choosing to incarnate as pets for special missions. Perhaps other pet owners that suspect something special is going on with their pet will be encouraged to come forward and speak out.

Sophie came into our lives during the summer of 2009. A rescue agency had obtained the inventory of a notorious puppy mill in Missouri, and Sophie had bounced through two different adoptive homes in the course of a few weeks.

It didn’t take long to realize that Sophie is much more than a little dog.

Mystical events began when Marie’s cat, MS Bun, telepathically alerted her that she needed to look at a rescue dog on craigslist. When Sophie’s picture appeared on the screen, Bun tapped the monitor with her paw and meowed.

The little Shih Tzu we brought home was bedraggled and matted. She was still recovering from spaying surgery, and had no idea what it meant to live in a home. The rescue agency had dubbed her “Bubbles,” but her first order of business was to tell Marie (telepathically) that her name was Sophie. We started her on a routine of bathing and grooming, which she absolutely loves, and it became clear that she enjoys cultivating the glamorous diva persona and soliciting compliments.

Marie is a talented animal communicator, but Sophie tends to bend her telepathic ears far more than the average pet. Sophie revealed that she incarnated with the intent to help us in our life path, but it took six long years in the puppy mill to line up circumstances so she could find us. She also revealed that an invisible “friend” accompanies her on her mission, which we take to be a guide or angel, although she declines to reveal much more about this. I sense that Sophie is well protected by her guide.

Sophie’s typical communication focuses on her schedule (grooming appointments or upcoming Earth & Water Wellness events). She claims to have an online scheduler and can somehow access the Internet. She frequently tells Marie to look at a certain website to find something, and sure enough it will be there. She knows when products she is interested in are on sale and at which store. When Sophie’s groomer announced wedding plans, Sophie obsessed for days about how she would be able to get in for grooming at that time, even though the wedding date was many months away.

Sophie’s repertoire of tricks includes the ability to move objects. Her nightly routine consists of moving several items from the bedroom dresser to the bed, under the covers. My nightly routine is to check under the covers and move the items back. Typically this includes a box of stones, shoes, loose change, pictures, or tools. Occasionally she has done a tarot spread on the bed, using cards from a deck that was put away and forgotten.

We never actually see the objects move, and Sophie lies quietly at the foot of the bed the entire time. The objects move when we are out of the room. Occasionally she will pull a blanket or drape socks over herself when going to bed, and Marie has walked in to see the blanket or socks being levitated. Our best guess is that Sophie is utilizing some sort of psychokinetic ability.

Sophie also moves magazines, books and newspaper ads to my office chair. She is particularly fond of pizza coupons, which she attributes to a past life as a human. In fact, she left the current Edge magazine on my chair several times over the past week to remind me to write this article. Again, I never actually see the objects move, and she is certainly too small to physically move them. Sometimes the objects would have had to move through closed doors or walls, and it occurs when no one is around to observe it.

Sophie wants her friends to know that in her past life as a female human, she ran an occult bookstore (as they were known back then), so she is well versed in metaphysics. She came back as a dog this time to play a unique role in helping Marie and me with whatever we are supposed to accomplish during this great time of shifting. She has a great deal of compassion for her fellow fur babies, and tries to help with their healing. She considers herself part of Marie’s metaphysical practice, and often she helps clients by traveling into the astral plane.

Sophie also wants to add that major changes are in store for the planet later in 2014, so get ready! She obviously knows a great deal more than she is telling, but perhaps that will be changing. I get the feeling that she soon will be ready to speak out more. She wants to help others navigate the Shift.

Meanwhile, Sophie enjoys life with us. She absolutely adores outings in her pet stroller, along the many fine trails in the Twin Cities area. She loves to run and sniff at the park. For this little dog, life is good!

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Lynn Savage
Lynn Savage is an industrial automation programmer. He also assists his wife Marie in running Earth & Water Wellness, which promotes Marie's practice as an intuitive reader, animal communicator, hypnosis therapist, Reiki Master and Shaman. Contact him at [email protected].


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