A Pleiadian Message: Frequency Changes stir New Perceptions


Beloved ones we greet you. We bring news of many dynamic changes taking place on your planet in the last weeks of December and in the first few weeks of your New Year. During this time, a series of dimensional expansions will flow through many of the energetic gridlines that have been anchored on your planet. These gridlines have played a limited role until this time and now they will fulfill their major role for the planet.

These activations will create a strong frequency change that will shift the vibrational alignment of consciousness for those of you who are ready. This frequency change will open up many of you to new understandings, new perceptions of yourself. We would liken it to a remembering process, bringing to you a total shift of your vision.

You have been kept in the limited experience of the 3rd dimension through a series of veils in place. This has created misperceptions that have held you in a place of separation. These misperceptions have blocked your access to the deeper understandings and Truth aligned to the 5th/6th/7th dimension realms, that you are naturally a part.

With this huge frequency change moving with the expanded energy of the New Year, a sacred birthing is about to take place within those of you who are ready. We witness each one of you as you continue forward, taking your next step on your individual journey. This coming expansion is designed to support your next step towards your realignment towards home, to a next phase of your enlightenment. Many of you are ready for this unveiling of your self.

Frequency changes
To move forward, to open into these frequency changes, it is essential that you continue your letting go process. To allow a falling away of your armoring, of all the illusion that is no longer needed so you can step forward within a new reality. This will take courage on your part, courage to change the way you are doing things in your life from the ego mind perspective. It is the time to begin to witness your self playing out a role, and then choosing to do things differently.

You will begin to move out of the separating element and begin choosing acceptance of yourself and your situation: acceptance of your role in each situation; acceptance of your own creation, and owning your experience, which moves you out of victim mode. Acceptance of your creation shifts the sabotaging cycle in your life, and you begin to align to the sacredness of the moment. This is where you begin to receive that Truth and clarity of your life and your next steps that need to be taken.

Begin to make changes that support you in the moment. This letting go process requires commitment by you, a conscious choice effort on your part to move into a new level of trust, and a commitment to change what no longer serves you. To let go of that which is holding you back. To witness yourself and begin to understand how your lifetimes of old belief patterns, habits of listening to your ego mind’s comments and directives keeps you in a self-sabotaging pattern.

Witness how you are responding to the fear induced by your ego mind and how it is limiting you in your life, how it limits your joy. This fear keeps you in a state of inertia and wanting and separates you automatically from the moment. Within the moment is your intuition, the state of just Being, your connection to Truth.

Let go and feel the shifts within you as they expand your sacred connections to your pure source higher self. As you let go and just witness your moment, you can form a working alliance with your pure source energy of your higher self; this is your sacred time to unfold.

Role is changing
Our role as Pleiadians is changing here on your planet. At this time our focus is being placed on your individual requirements. We are directed as part of the Universal team to begin to work and support you as human beings in the energetic adjustments necessary within your energetic field as you choose to evolve. As you move into a conscious choice of “letting go,” there is a change within your crystalline structure, a rapid transformation creating an electrical evolution within your physical and energetic systems.

This new electrical component that will birth within your system will support your rapid realignment, which will move and align within you as the shifting dimensional settings on your planet take place. This change within the dimensional settings will allow each one of you to begin a rapid acclimatization of consciousness that will open you and align you to an extensive multi-dimensional sense of vision and Truth.

Another aspect of our role right now is to support you through these energetic changes and the multi-dimensional metamorphosis that you will move through as you begin to consciously take this next step forward. This is your next transitional phase — to bridge the gap between your self and the rest of the universal community.

This evolving phase
It is your time to begin this evolving phase of returning home consciously and, at the same time, remaining here on the earth plane, expanding your transformational experiences of your human process. This is the time to let go and be all that you can be at this time. It is your time to let go of the past and to know that all is in hand, to simply let go and know that the higher aspect of your self is supporting you in your transitional phase and there is nothing you have to try and do, try and be. This is your time to witness and breathe and allow this sacred unfolding to take place within you.

There have been a series of energetic templates that have been activated on your Earth plane for lifetimes. These templates have kept you in a separated state, giving you a complete, comprehensive study in being human, of playing a pivotal role within humanity on this planet. Having the direct experience of separation, and living with the multitude of third dimensional illusions, you have been given the chance to have the full human experience, as you chose for yourself.

With this change of frequency taking place in December, these energetic templates that have been in place for lifetimes on your planet will be replaced. These new templates will carry a new frequency, an essence of light that will reflect the potential of this change of consciousness. There is a pure, loving aspect being held within these new templates that are designed to support each one of you by transmitting and activating this next-step birthing process within you. A transformational level of pure life force energy will be flowing towards you from these new templates. This flow is designed to realign you and move you strongly, almost propelling you into the higher realms, bringing you to that higher pure source aspect of Self.

A joyous time
This is a joyous time for each one of you. We are joyously playing our role in witnessing those of you who choose this reconnection to Self, to allow this movement within you. Each one of you continues to have choices, free will choices to stay where you are right now, living out your limitation, or to move on in your incarnation to something more vibrant, more authentic for your self.

Through the transforming energies of these templates, we need to remind you to take time to be still within your self. It is essential to bring your awareness back to your self, back to your home space that is to be found within your heart connection.

There is liberation and freedom to be found away from the illusion of struggle, from your fear and your perceived limitations as you move back to your heart space. Stop trying to work things out with your limited ego mind. Know that all is well and all will be revealed to you at the perfect moment.

Come home to yourself, be still and witness the illusion that your life reflects through the misperceptions of your ego mind. Be still and breathe and let go, and allow a natural unfolding within each moment to take place. Within the stillness of your heart, the misperceptions melt away and they are replaced by a sense of clarity and peaceful rest.

You have a deep need of this restful place within your heart. Many of you are exhausted from the human dynamic within you of trying to get it right, trying to work everything out, to understand and to be understood. Now is the time for you to stop and simply BE. We hold you with love and witness you.

Be still within
We bring the news of the change that is here for each one of you at this time. We witness you in each transformational step. We call to you to take the time to be still within your self, to bring your awareness to your home space that is your heart. There is liberation and freedom to be found away from the illusion of struggle, from your fear and your perceived limitations within your heart. Stop trying to work things out with your limited ego mind, know that all is well and all will be revealed to you at the perfect moment.

Come home to yourself, be still and witness the illusion that your life reflects through the misperceptions of your ego mind. Be still, breathe and let go.

This will allow you to move into a natural unfolding within each moment to take place. Within the stillness of the moment in your heart, the misperceptions melt away and they are replaced by a sense of clarity and peaceful rest. You have been waiting for this restful place.

Below is a process that will support you in participating with these new alignments of consciousness and to the frequencies from the new templates that will activate later this month. You can begin to work with this process by the 2nd week of December. Know that this process can be opened into at any time after the 2nd week of December for you to fully utilize what is part of our destiny.


1. Bring your palms of your hands together, like a prayer position, at your heart center. Bring your awareness into where your palms meet and take a conscious breath into the connection of your palms at your heart. Now feel the connection grow as you bring your awareness deeper to that place, and take another breath.

2. When you feel that connection, bring your palms of your hands slowly apart, your palms stay facing each other. Now bring your awareness into the space that is being created between both hands. There is an opening — bring your awareness and breath into the space, and let go. Feel yourself being moved into the space and just let go. Note: Remember this is a doorway that you can enter — it is unlimited in possibilities, in potential.

3. Now bring the sound into the space, EE…SARTAH. Use the sound three times.

4. Open to the ripples created in the space by the sound. You are being aligned to this new energy of the template and vibration of consciousness. Feel how the ripples are moving you through into a frequency of light.

5. Now bring the sound into the space where you find your self, EE…SARTAH. Use the sound three times.

6. Feel another level of alignment to the Template consciousness, just let go.

7. It’s at this point when you begin to feel a completion within you for now.

Know that you need to open into this experience at least three times a week to support your next steps of alignment to evolve through your system. You can call forward the Pleiadians to support you in your unfolding of transformation.

We hold you with love and witness you. Blessings, The Pleiadians

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