The Spiritual Meaning of Vibrations


A friend and I went for a walk. As we came to a street lined with shops, I suddenly felt a peculiar tightness, a tension pulling on me. I asked the other person if she had felt the strain a few feet back.

“Yes,” she said. “It was like walking through a curtain that had been drawn across the street.”

These kinds of forces and effects touch all of us. Those who live in cities get used to the closeness of other people and their problems by building up a kind of hard shell. The consciousness, or spiritual awareness, closes down just so they can survive and make a living in this type of environment.

A person who works in a busy commercial area, for instance, constantly deals with people who aren’t satisfied with the food, the products or the services. They want this, they want that; the room’s too drafty, the lights are not bright enough — there’s always a problem. So he develops this hard outer shell, like the heavy suit of armor worn by a medieval knight, to have some protection against the harsh vibrations of the human consciousness.

From Material to Spiritual
Joyce has been in Eckankar for thirty years, and through the many years one of the principles she could never understand was the idea of spiritual vibrations. What impact could they have upon this world, anyhow? It didn’t make any sense. To her, vibrations were flighty things that went twittering and flying out there in the ethers somewhere. They certainly had no connection to this gross material plane. She found this very difficult to resolve in her mind.

As a volunteer, Joyce was driving cloistered nuns from the Catholic church to their medical and dental appointments. Joyce and the nuns loved this drive because it gave them a chance to talk about spiritual things. They laughed, talked, joked and just had a good time. The nuns knew Joyce was an ECKist, but they felt she had so much love to give to others. Of course, they did too. That’s why they got along so well.

One day Joyce took the Mother Superior on one of these appointments, and they got talking. They became so excited talking about spiritual subjects. Suddenly a warning bell started going off, saying, “Fasten your seat belts.” They checked their seat belts, but they were already fastened. They fiddled with the belt attachments, but the warning bell wouldn’t stop. So they just sat there quietly, trying to figure out what to do next.

As soon as they were quiet, the seat-belt warning stopped. It took a few trips with this happening, but pretty soon Joyce and the nuns began to make a connection. They began to notice that when they got excited talking about spiritual things, their vibrations went very high. They were getting out of control. They were out of balance.

The ECK, the Holy Spirit, would send a reminder to them through this seat-belt warning. It got so they’d joke about it. Whenever the bell would go off, they’d just say, “Oh, our vibrations are too high again.”

From this, Joyce learned the connection that vibrations have between spiritual and material things. She had wondered, “How could a spiritual vibration have any effect upon the material world?” She realized that these things do happen. It had happened right in her car. And if positive thoughts have an effect, then wouldn’t negative thoughts have an effect, too? She realized how destructive negative words and thoughts can be to us in this world.

The Law of Vibrations
The Law of Vibrations offers that vibrations are wavelengths of Divine Spirit. The whole life of any individual is one great wavelength. As such, every thought, word and deed purifies or pollutes the body.

These spiritual laws speak to the heart, for they tell of the relationship between God and soul. All souls are moving into a greater circle of light and understanding.

Spiritual enlightenment comes as we connect with the Light and Sound of God. Sing HU, an ancient name for God, and you will find the Light and Sound within your being.

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Sri Harold Klemp
Sri Harold Klemp is an award-winning author, teacher, and spiritual guide who helps truth seekers reach their full potential. He is the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master and spiritual leader of Eckankar, the Path of Spiritual Freedom. His body of work includes more than one hundred books, which have been translated into eighteen languages and won multiple awards. Find your own path to true happiness, wisdom, and love in Sri Harold Klemp’s inspired writings. Visit and


  1. What a beautiful story that represents how we influence vibrations by our very thoughts, words, and feelings. We are always creating, whether we are aware…or not. Becoming more conscious, aware, and a greater expression of Divine Love, however you label it, is an admirable goal. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

  2. Vraiment une très belle histoire qui m’amène a une ouverture d’esprit. Merci Mahanta


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