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This past weekend, I attended StaarCon virtually. 3 for 3!

It was a wonderful long weekend connecting with tarotists and cartomancers from all over the world, learning, connecting, supporting. While I would have loved to be there in person, I was very comfortable attending in my soft pants, with no personal pressure to dress my glamour – how I want to be received – at all!

As my focus in the conference – since I was not presenting this year – was on personal work, I used Benebell Wen’s Spirit Keepers Tarot. It is so dense and lushly layered. A perfect deck for this occasion. Frequently, I layered with Lua Tarot. They play brilliantly together.

I 100% thought Spirit Keepers Tarot would be sharing CotW today.

However after the convention, I purchased Tarot Neocolonial de las Américas by Patrick McGrath Muñiz.


I left the conference early to facilitate a Group Tarot session which was near The Raven’s Wing – Group Tarot community gets 15% off online or in their Portland store with the code GroupTarot15, which I will happily extend to The Edge community. I 100% used it after seeing this deck, and reading Benebell’s review.

I am sooooo excited to dive in and am curious to see which card we’re given for this week…

La Rueda de la Fortuna
Wheel of Fortune/A Roda da Fortuna/ La Rouge de la Fortune.

wheel of fortune - La Rueda de la Fortuna

Ha! Well that is amazingly appropo given the morning I’ve had! On one hand, retreat planning for writers and creatives in New Mexico is going brilliantly! On the other hand, the engine computer problems with Conscience (or the Traveling Moth) are challenging and expensive. Tears of frustration were flowing freely barely an hour after being elated with the rooms and quotes in NM.

As well as nationwide: mass shooting in Monterey Bay, CA, and that community still having their Lunar New Year celebrations, all on the same day.


Away from my life and into the card more intentionally.

Sidebar – a good reminder for everyone, and especially important for beginner readers: it is both incredibly important to notice your real world stories and experiences that layer into the cards. And, it is 100% important you don’t project those experiences and assumptions onto your querrent. If you’re called to bring up something from your personal life, let them know, “a personal story is coming to mind that may or may not relate to your situation. Would you like to hear it?” This way they have agency, and you are clearly transparent.

The card names are in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French in Tarot Neocolonial de las Américas.

Originally, this card depicted the only goddess in the deck, Fortuna.

In Patrick’s illustration, the wheel is being held, Atlas like, on the back of what I thought was an indigenous man, but the artist intends a Paleolithic man.

A robot is climbing up to where symbols of corporate, multi-national, and sports corporations currently ride high, and a colonial European is falling off. This card definitely takes the high highs and low lows of this card and shifts them into the long view of history: civilizations rise and civilizations fall and new civilizations rise…

It does seem a little odd that here, due to the posture of Paleolithic human, the wheel feels much more static than in other decks. Yes, we are on his/their shoulders. Yes we are on the shoulders of those who have come before, but I don’t feel like he/they’d like to keep corporate greed on top. I feel like they’re either getting their strength up to toss the whole wheel over, or will become so weighed down that the wheel will fall off them.

This card also gives us the invitation to dream, what civilization do I want to rise?

One of the things I love, and presume about y’all reading, is that we’re not all about money. We’re curious, rather than capitalist. Value driven. We look at how we got where we are and, if it aligns with our values. If it doesn’t, we change. “Know better, do better” as Maya Angelou said. Yes, money is currently useful, most of us are still within capitalism. However the paper itself isn’t important. What we receive in return is where the real value lies, which is why I have always offered barter options. Over 25 years now… Check them out.

Of course, there are many options for getting our needs met. Trade, money, DIY, grow your own.

Which is a good reminder isn’t it… We may each choose to be sand in the cogs of the machine of empire. We may choose to not participate in systems based on exploitation. We may choose differently. We may stand up and toss off unhealthy cycles of the past; the “it ends with me” practice.

May your choices in 2023 and the Year of the Water Rabbit, Year of the Cat, align well with your values and vision.

May we stand up when it is right to do so, and manage the high highs, and low lows, better with community.

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