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When January 2007 rolled around, I was beginning a huge transition in my life – but I didn’t know it, yet. The universe has a way of gently reminding us that we’re stuck and have other options rather than spinning in circles and going nowhere. And sometimes, the universe keeps nudging until the nudges become whacks over the head. I had been dodging the obvious whacks for about six months, probably due to fear or not trusting myself in some way. Something needed to change. Me.

While visiting a group of Tellington TTouch® (animal training colleagues) in Scottsdale, Ariz., last fall, I was reminded that I was happiest when I was working with animals and surrounding myself with like-minded humans. A huge bonus for my "Summer Fun Spirit" was spending a good chunk of time in a warm climate during November. My transition toward complete personal fulfillment began full force when I returned home, returned to my job as a full-time high school art instructor and went back to feeling tired, grumpy and lifeless.

On New Year’s Day 2007, a friend and personal life coach called to wish me a happy holiday and check in.

"How are you doing?" he asked.

"To be honest, I’m tired of feeling stuck." I responded.

"Are you ready to be complete with that?" he asked, nudging me to question why I’d chosen to run in circles in relationships, family, work and my personal life without moving forward for some time. My honest answer and his compassionate response catapulted me into 12 months of extreme personal growth.

Within two weeks of our phone call, I was on a plane to New York City for a workshop that would change my life – learning about my pure spirit (Essence) and what holds me back when I’m feeling scared or threatened (Survival Mechanisms). During that transformative weekend, I was guided to write a manifesto to help uncover what my life purpose was, figure out why I had chosen not to follow it, and how I could change that pattern. After two days of digging, searching and growing, I hired a personal life coach to help me move forward and embraced change.

For four months, I worked with my coach on a weekly basis to chart how well I was taking care of myself, and to find clarity about what my "Ideal Life" looked like. Within a short while, I was plowing through fears about relationships, money, family, friends, my work and my personal life, and I was moving forward, smiling, laughing and playing. My dog, Java, was also getting the benefits of living with a human who was taking impeccable care of herself. I had reignited my inner fire and was taking leaps I had only dreamed of in the past.

After four months of working with one coach, I began working with my sister, a personal/business coach and Certified Hypnotherapist. She guided me through the process of letting go of old thought patterns/beliefs/emotions, organizing a business plan so I could let go of my teaching job and explore the entrepreneur life I was being asked by Spirit to live.

By June 2007, I had enough trust and faith to let go of my teaching job and focus on my spirited work – Dancing Porcupine: A source of wellness, education and support for animals and their humans. Through coaching, I have expanded my business to include all of my gifts and talents. After seven years of holding back, I now offer Shamanic Healing (people and pets), Animal Communication, am a Level 2 Tellington TTouch Practitioner and will become a certified Personal Life Coach in 2008. And did I mention that I also manifested a wonderful romantic partner during all of this growth as well? Not bad for a year of getting kicked in the butt by two coaches, huh?

So, if you’re in a place in your life where you feel stuck, tired, lifeless, cranky, depressed or just not yourself, coaching is a way to help you get through to the core part of you – that fire within.

You can have it all, too!

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Sage Lewis
Sage Lewis is the Creature Teacher with Dancing Porcupine and is a Certified Life Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Animal Communicator, Intuitive/Medium, Wedding and Funeral Officiant, Animal Hospice Consultant and Level 3 Certified Tellington TTouch® Practitioner. Sage's passion is guiding all creatures to find and embrace their true essence, to live a fulfilling life of love, joy and passion, and to move through all of life's transitions with peace and grace.


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