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"There will be no war as a result of the corruption and deceit of the politicians because I am among you. So far I have been acting behind the scenes, with My hands concealed, in order to give room to those in authority to change their ways and to serve the will of the people. But now the time is imminent when I will have to raise My hand so that people can converge on Me and look towards Me for guidance." Maitreya

Scottish-born painter and esotericist Benjamin Creme has spent more than 30 years preparing the world for the most extraordinary event in human history: the return of our spiritual mentors to the everyday world. Creme has appeared on television, radio and documentary films worldwide since 1982 when he announced that the Lord Maitreya, the World Teacher long awaited by people of every spiritual tradition, albeit under different names, is living in London, ready to present himself openly when invited by the media to do so. This event is now imminent.

Creme, based in London, continues to carry out his task as messenger of this news. He has written 14 books, most recently The World Teacher for All Humanity (2007) and The Awakening of Humanity (2008). He is editor of Share International magazine, which circulates in more than 70 countries and is dedicated to the emergence of Maitreya and the political, social, economic, environmental and spiritual changes that are now taking place.

In an interview with Edge Life, speaking by phone from San Francisco during a recent visit to America, Creme reminds us that Maitreya is a teacher who, when he makes his long-awaited emergence telepathically into the consciousness of every human being on the planet over the age of 14 on the imminent "Day of Declaration," will give each of us a glimpse into who we truly are as human beings and offer us the personal choice of awakening.

The process is described thusly: Maitreya, who can change his physical form at any time, will come forward as a consultant on global issues and will be interviewed on American television. Those public and corporate leaders who have met with Maitreya at a conference in 1990 will come forward and support his ideas. Then, when enough people begin to respond to his ideas, the Day of Declaration will take place and Maitreya will emerge to teach and inspire. Maitreya teaches, among other things, the oneness of all life, humanity’s great spiritual destiny, the Law of Cause and Effect and its corollary, the Law of Rebirth, and the absolute need to share the world’s resources more equitably among all people.

Last month, Creme shared with us Maitreya’s perspective on capitalism and the current global economic crisis. He continues the conversation now, beginning with Maitreya’s views on religion and more on the Day of Declaration.

What’s the future of organized religion in the bigger picture?
Benjamin Creme:
Organized religions will remain, some of them for a very long time to come, but under the inspiration and guidance of the Masters there will be built another approach to Divinity. You can’t call it really a religion. It’s a very scientific religion, esotericism, a path to spirit, to union with your soul, and through the soul, union with the spark of God.

You could call it religion if you have to, but we have no word to explain it yet. This scientific religion, scientific path to God, is such that you become a disciple and then you become an initiate, and then you can become a Master and reach the top of the mountain that way. People will go to the mystery schools, which will be reopened, as they go now to university. When ready, they will seek training for these five initiatory processes, which take place in the last few lives of our evolutionary experience.

All of us stand somewhere in relation to that path. We’re either coming up to the first initiation, or have taken that and are somewhere towards the second, or towards the third, or the fourth, or the fifth. Eventually, in the crowning glory for all of humanity, all of us will have taken the fifth initiation and be Masters, and as far as planet earth is concerned, be perfected.

But, the Masters see this as only semi-perfection. They don’t even think they have finished the path of evolution on planet earth. They see stretching ahead of them vistas of being, of knowledge that we can’t even begin to imagine.

But, on the Day of Declaration, Maitreya will give people an inkling of this. He will show how old humanity is – far, far older than we can imagine. There have been before us great civilizations that now lie under the sands and the deserts. We know very little about this, but the Masters know this, and they know the state of humanity and will inspire humanity to see itself in these terms, as growing towards a greater spirituality, a greater understanding of the spiritual nature of all life. We will see politics as having to be spiritual, economics as having to be spiritual, science and education and everything that we do as being essentially spiritual, lifting humanity to higher and higher levels.

Life is not about making money. It is about enhancing the quality of life for every single being so that they go from physical satisfaction to astral satisfaction to mental satisfaction to growing spiritual satisfaction, up and up and up, all the way. It’s all spiritual.

It’s been said that it’s a unique gift given to us to have been chosen to be incarnated at this time on the planet. Is this so?
Indeed it is. We have the world to rebuild. We have the chance to build it rightly for the first time in 98,000 years, under the inspiration and guidance of the Masters who are returning to the everyday world.

At the moment, 14 Masters plus Maitreya, and eventually about 40 Masters plus Maitreya, will be in human bodies. This is a unique happening. We have known nothing like it since 98,000 years ago, and here it is happening. We can, through their guidance, enlist their love and concern and build a world like nothing that has ever happened on planet earth before – a world of great beauty.

Before he died, the Buddha, through the prince Gautama, wrote a sutra that said a time would come when a great teacher, a Buddha like himself, by name Maitreya, would galvanize and inspire humanity to create a brilliant golden civilization based on righteousness and truth – and that is what will happen.

Maitreya Buddha is in the world now along with 14 of the Masters , and eventually more will come in. On the Day of Declaration, Maitreya will speak about his group of Masters. They won’t speak then, but one-by-one in the days, weeks or months following the Day of Declaration, the Masters will begin to come forward into the everyday world.

One of the first of these is the one who was Jesus in Palestine 2,000 years ago. He is now a great, highly evolved Master, one of Maitreya’s closest associates. They are inseparable, and they will teach and advise and work with groups of disciples all over the world, and through these disciples the world will be changed. Everyone who is responsive to this reality has the opportunity to lend their all, their energy and their time and their focus, to save the world through right relationship, brotherhood and sisterhood.

Prior to the Day of Declaration, what can an individual do in preparation for the experience?
Be prepared that it is going to happen. You will hear and see Maitreya on television long before that – no one knows how long – but the Masters don’t expect it to be very long. My guess is that they have a working idea of something like two to three years between the now very soon emergence of Maitreya and the Day of Declaration, but that depends on humanity – whether it responds.

I know your government doesn’t even acknowledge that the world is heating up, that global warming is a reality. They think they can overcome it by all sorts of technical advances, but really it isn’t a question of a little fiddle here and a little fiddle there. It is a huge work, and only the Masters know precisely the time involved and the amount of work involved. The sooner the people respond to Maitreya, the sooner they will get the information from the Masters on how to tackle global warming and all that causes global warming.

One of the deadliest issues is the nuclear radiation pouring from every nuclear power station in the world. With every atomic process and experimentation that is going on, high-level nuclear radiation is pouring out at the highest level. There currently is no technology to measure beyond a certain level. Scientists see only three levels of matter – liquid, solid and gas. But, in fact, the Masters and all esotericists theoretically know that there are four etheric physical planes above gas, and that the worst damage from nuclear radiation is on these highest levels.

The incidence of Alzheimer’s disease is growing at a pace like never before, affecting people at a younger and younger age. This is the direct effect of nuclear radiation polluting the air of our planet from the power stations and other nuclear experimentation.

The nuclear power stations they are planning to build by the dozens all over the world to overcome global warming have to be abandoned. The advice of Maitreya right away will be to abandon all power stations of a nuclear type. There is a way to use nuclear energy, but it is a FUSION process, which is cold and simple and can be had from one simple isotope in water, which is everywhere on the planet. That information will be given to humanity when they have abandoned their nuclear fission.

But the true energy of the future is what Maitreya calls the science of light, in which we will receive all energy for every use directly from the Sun – and this will be one of the crowning achievements of our new civilization.

Will this information – the science of light – be spontaneously given to people at some point?
When we have totally renounced war forever that technology will be given to humanity, and it will solve all our energy problems. Otherwise it would be terribly dangerous for any nation to have that technology.

In your two recent books, The World Teacher for All Humanity andThe Awakening of Humanity, you mentioned that people can connect directly with Maitreya. How can this be done?
In 2001 the imprint of a hand appeared on a bathroom mirror in Barcelona, Spain. Since it was in the home of one of our co-workers, a photograph was taken and sent to me. My Master confirmed it was the handprint of Maitreya, given so that people can come in contact with him, on subjective levels, and ask for his help. He says, "My help is yours to command. You have only to ask." People should look at the center of the palm for a few moments and talk to Maitreya. Even if they don’t know it, this alerts him to their presence. He has no sense that we are separate. If we look at the handprint and ask for his help, that help will be given.

A photograph of this handprint has now been circulated throughout the world, and many people have confirmed that the help they asked for was received. The image is included in both of the books you mention and is also available free of charge from Share International. We have received reports that these handprints are now being discovered in other countries.

What is your personal relationship to Maitreya? Have you communicated in person?
I am a "conscious disciple" working closely with one of the Masters – and all of the Masters are the disciples of Maitreya. (There are many disciples of the Masters who are not conscious of that relationship.)

How does Maitreya share his writing and messages? Does he share them through his disciples and they are given to you?
The first series of messages were given through me by a process of mental overshadowing during my public lectures in London between 1977 and 1982. These 140 messages have been published by Share International Foundation in the book Messages From Maitreya the Christ.

Later, between 1988 and 1993, Maitreya gave another series of messages to a colleague in the Asian community of London where he lives. That colleague was told to give them to either of two independent journalists, with further instructions to pass them on to me.

I published all of them in our magazine, Share International, and sent them, wherever they were relevant, to the media of the world. Maitreya also gave some unique and extraordinary forecasts. There is nothing of this kind of forecasting going back thousands of years. It is so full and so direct, and it has been borne out to the letter. Maitreya gave this information so that we could awaken humanity, and that’s what we’re trying to do.

For complete information on the emergence of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom, visit or contact Share International USA toll-free at 1.888.242.8272. George Catlin, a long-time associate of Benjamin Creme, will present free talks on "The Masters and the Path" from 11 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. and "Transmission Meditation" from 3-3:50 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 8, at Minneapolis Convention Center. Daily admission is $9, or two for $10. For complete details, visit

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