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Our Featured Topic: The New Me: A Report from the Transformation

A continuing transformation, a new me unfolding, has been taking place throughout the whole of my life. It is this: my relationship with God who is the center and periphery of every aspect of my life and being. When I do not recognize this relationship in everything I see and react to, then I get caught in a world of fear, doubt, self-denigration and judgment. The new me, instead, can see every internal or external event or person as providing a new window into the challenge and glory of God’s love. Everything becomes a gift, a cause to rejoice. Moving toward this transformation underpins much of the focus of my present life.

I have been teaching classes to help people make two-way contact with spirit. Most people are successful at finding that two-way contact with loved ones who have passed, or with angels, masters or guides. Few find that connection directly with God. For me, also, it was ten years of speaking telepathically with many multidimensional beings before I experienced speaking directly with God. Only then did I come to understand that everything and everybody that I meet in this life presents the face of God.

There is a song by Jackie Evancho that helps me find the face of God in negative events [YouTube link “Evancho Dark Waltz”]. Her innocence and poise as she sings this beautiful song helps me to sing with her these words: “Let the dark waltz begin. Oh let me wheel, let me spin. Let it take me again, Turning me into the Light.”

And another song by Jackie helps me find within myself that impassioned loving and longing for God [YouTube link “Evancho Lovers”]. Though this song at one level refers to a childhood sweetheart, its depth of feeling and dramatic beauty help bring my relationship with God to aware feeling states within me. “Your voice still echoes in my heart!”

Just a few days ago, I sought to explore these feeling states in a conversation with God.

Dear God, I open to your presence and the draw towards you in my heart. Please draw me forward. I am yours. Take me.
G: Dear Jerome, we are one. Already. I am in you. I work through you. Let our oneness and our love come to the surface.

Thank you. Help me to do so.
G: Yes. Our love need not be painful. Let us be joyful together, at this time and ever more forward.

I usually experience the holy longing as both pain and pleasure.
G: Dear Jerome, open more to our oneness. We are not separate, and you do not need to long for me. Instead, feel our oneness. I am here, always.

What do I look for to feel our oneness?
G: Find all that is around you and within you. Find that which is beyond. Feel that. I am there. I am here. We are one.

Today, as I write this article, God summarizes for me with deep feeling where I’m at, and how to take the next steps.
G: Dear Jerome, I am with you and in you and you feel my presence in your heart. We are one in your heart and in every aspect of your being. There will come a time when you feel my presence in every aspect of your being. For now, just feel the love and my presence in your heart. I wish to share with you our togetherness while in total and deep peace. This is the foundation of the transformation that you speak of. Whatever communication we share at other levels, it must be based in this deep peace and loving togetherness. So sometimes we share energies that you can feel moving within and surrounding you. Sometimes the swirling energies connect you directly into oneness with all that surrounds you. Sometimes we speak together in words and deep feelings. We can share in many ways. Yet, we need never stop sharing our deep peace and loving togetherness. When you are able to hold the awareness of that sharing ceaselessly, the transformation you seek within yourself on this earth shall be complete.

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