Your Spiritual Support Team in Motherhood


woman_prayDid you know you’re gifted with a team of angels and spiritual allies guiding you every step of the way? It’s a circle of support cheering you on, uplifting your spirit when you need it most. Think of your team as a Divine navigation system. They are the experts who are in service to your inner guidance when it comes to nurturing your child’s spiritual gifts.

Why is spiritual support important to you? Having a support system helps you feel successful as a Mom. Family and friends often fulfill this role. And tapping into your spiritual support team takes it to a completely different level.

When you connect with the loving energy of your spiritual guides, it offers you peaceful clarity that ignites the wisdom already inside your heart. It awakens your intuition, feeding a desire for connection.

You feel held in compassion that soothes your soul. Your worries melt, fears diminish and joy fills your spirit.

It’s not your job to carry worries and fears of what may or may not be for you and your child. Give them all to your team. Allow them to unburden your mind.

So your heart is light and free to guide the way with pure intention.

How does receiving spiritual support help your child? Receiving help and support is a powerful demonstration of self-love and respect. When you receive spiritual support, you nurture the relationship within yourself.

You awaken your Divine presence and your child feels safe to express his or her gifts.

When you receive spiritual nourishment, giving to your child feels easy because it flows from an abundant space. Meeting both of your needs becomes a natural and healthy energy balance.

Here are three simple steps to begin connecting with your spiritual support team:

1. Ask — Asking for their help invites their energy into your heart. They are patiently waiting. They have a strong desire to support you and want you to ask for their help. You can ask for support with anything.

Learning to ask for help also means learning to let go of old beliefs. Start by asking yourself a few simple questions:

  • Is this feeling, thought or belief serving my highest Divine self?
  • Is it serving my child’s spiritual purpose?
  • Am I ready and willing to give this to my spiritual support team?

As you become clear with your answers, you gain clarity in learning to discern what is yours to carry and what is not. This helps free your energy to carry only that which is of the highest service to you and your child.

Your guides are standing by ready and willing to take away any worries, fears and frustrations. Just ask them to take these concerns from you, like a heavy weight being lifted off!

2. Believe — Your guides are always right by your side. Trust and have faith even if you can’t “see” them. Know that they are surrounding you with love. You have all the support you could ever imagine…and more!

When you are ready to let go, have faith that they are meeting your request and fulfilling your need from the highest Divine point of Love.

3. Receive — Be open to receiving messages — such as in your dreams or seeing and hearing words, phrases repeatedly. Information can even be given through other people. Or perhaps you have inspired thoughts and ideas. The more open you allow yourself to be, the more guidance you receive. Giving yourself time every day to connect with your team nurtures a deeper relationship over time that will eventually feel natural and easy.

In motherhood, you are gifted with an abundance of support. The illusion of having to do it all yourself no longer serves you or your child. You are not alone.

Asking for spiritual support invites ease and dissolves barriers to love. Breathe a little easier knowing you’re always being held in Love as you step into your highest calling of Divine Motherhood.

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Alison Elsberry
Alison Elsberry, OTR/L, is the creator of the Divine Motherhood Movement for supporting Moms parenting spiritually gifted children. She helps these Moms break free of overwhelm, fear and doubt so their children become confident spiritual leaders who are free to share their gifts with the world. Visit where you'll discover how you can nurture your child's gifts with ease, peace and confidence.


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