Developing your Psychic abilities with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls


Just calling in a Crystalline Stellar Skull will start to open your psychic abilities. The Stellar Skulls are like angels here on Earth, and they all have very special abilities they want to share. They are able to come to you in the blink of an eye, once they are “called in.” They like being “invited” so as not to interfere with your free will.

When I first met some of the Stellar Skulls, I asked what dimensions they liked working in. The reply was, “We work in more dimensions than you could possibly fathom. We have come at this time to assist people to open, clear and heal, allowing them to reactivate their skills and abilities.”

The Stellar Skulls are heart-based, and they will only work for and with the light, to advance humanity and Gaia.

What to expect
Many people feel the presence of the Stellar Skulls is with them, or they may see a light in the room, sometimes close up, and sometimes in a far corner. The Stellar Skulls are opening your third eye a bit more each time you call them in. Usually there is a warm energy in the heart to reassure you that you are safe and it is OK to look in further, or take a safe journey through a timeline or past-life.

When working with the Stellar Skulls, you may get a rush of energy and feel a spinning sensation, or a wave of energy, even though you are not in the meditation at that moment. It’s very common, and part of the opening. You may want to journal the sensations and feelings, as well as the visions you get. Most likely you will have some very interesting dreams, as the Stellar Skulls may want to show you more. So journal, and more will be revealed.

If you ask a certain question, and do not get a picture right away, you may get a body rush. This will let you know you are on track.

Your own special psychic abilities may come to you by hearing, seeing or feeling, or a combination, since everyone is unique. Eventually, as you work on these skills, and ask for assistance, you will indeed open more and more. Many people are able to “hear” the Crystalline Stellar Skulls, since they do talk. They have a lot to say and truly want to assist you!

For example, you may want to know a dynamic that is still unresolved with a family member — living or not! You can ask to see this, and where the conflict originated from, for better understanding, clearing and forgiveness. Sit and tone while breathing┬ádeeply. Sound will clear and balance you, and the skulls love it! Just state their name and invite them right into your heart.

A message from Splendid Light and Vision:
“Come from a pure heart — for that is all I touch! I give you the gift of having your sacred abilities of clairvoyance regained, so you are guided and simultaneously guarded, while opening your heart, third eye and crown. Security and peace of mind washes away what is not pertinent, helping to break habits and addictions. I integrate the purity within the spiritual cosmic consciousness, enabling you to see your magnificence and feel the glory you deserve. I bring this into you with lightness, and love from Gaia, so it is grounded, sacred and completely compassionate. I blast out stagnation, into a flourishing flow of love and light. This new vision enables you to gain new insights, while expanding your paradigms.

“Once we work together your vibration changes, others can only work with you, play with you, or change with you, in a compassionate, understanding manner — or they will fall away. I allow your now-enlightened chakras to create a constellation of stars! I connect you to your own constellation of light, making you “one” with Universal Love. This is the awakening you have been waiting for!”voice of the Crystalline Stellar Skulls by Crysta

Enjoy the experience, and stay hydrated, since this is a key. Fasten your cosmic seatbelt and enjoy the grand opening into you!


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