Conscious Dying: A message from Ascended Master Serapis Bey


“It is necessary to cast off all the material illusions of the world in order to achieve a Conscious Death while still incarnated. When you stand naked in the wilderness, divested of everything, you will find your Power. Examine your mental, emotional and spiritual attachments to determine where your limiting beliefs may be holding you hostage. Absorb this concept and prosper.

“This is not to say that you cannot have family, friends, children, travel, money, health, etc. while incarnated. It simply means that you have a preference for some of these things but ultimately, you are whole without any of them. You are free from the constraints that current day cultures put upon you as a measure of your worth. You can Be in this world but not of it. You can Be in-joyment of this world and in appreciation of various material goods and are whole with or without them. You can have preferences for some of these things but you are not dependent on them for your strength. Your power source comes from an infinite space that knows no limits. The Universe is continually expanding to meet your level of awareness. Please ask from the perspective of abundance, knowing that you will receive.

“A suggestion to begin exploring conscious dying from a personal perspective is by asking yourself how you arrived at a thought, pausing before speaking, listening to your words and paying attention to your actions. Ask for your soul to come close and assist you in this process. Pay attention! Use your senses, seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting to guide you to greater awareness of yourself. You will then be in a position to assist others on their path to conscious dying. Remember, for every ending there is a new beginning with glorious lessons to learn if you remain aware.

“From where I sit, you are well on your way and I invite you to visit me on the Inner Plane at night where I will instruct you in examining the esoteric elements of this process and assist you in achieving your Soul’s purpose in the incarnation. Go Now!”

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