How to Live Without Fear – with Trust in the Divine


It simply isn’t possible to live every instant of your life without fear. Here are some keys, however, to living with less fear, and thereby learning to have more trust in the Divine, or God.

First of all, increasing your faith can reduce your fears. Faith or belief is an antonym for fear. Jesus often emphasized to His followers that they should not have fears. When a healing occurred, He assured the one who was healed that it was because of faith that the miracle took place.

So how does one go about increasing faith? It is done through repetitive acts. You need to talk to yourself and reassure yourself that things are working for the greater good in your life. Say to yourself things like, “I am a good person and I deserve to have good things happen to me” or “I am a loving person and I am deserving of love.” Remember, you have to reach your subconscious mind from where all things manifest. That means talking to yourself just a few times will not work; it must be a constant, as in reciting it a number of times daily.

The Bible teaches that “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:26). Jesus taught that one of the greatest commandments is to “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39). The reason that He taught this is because He knew that people tended to “Reap what they sowedE.” (Galatians 6:7)

Therefore, the second thing you must do to minimize your fears is to continue doing random acts of kindness for others, so that what you have sowed can then be reaped. But also, and more importantly, living His word is better than just knowing His word.

The third key to reducing your fears is to thoroughly evaluate yourself, especially when you compare yourself to others. The Bible teaches about projection. Jesus asked the question of why His followers tried to “pluck the splinter from their brother’s eye” when there was a proverbial “beam in their own eyes” (Matthew 7:3). When criticizing another, it is invaluable to honestly answer the question of whether you possess the very same traits or characteristics yourself. By asking yourself this question, it can elicit change in your life. You find out that you can alter who you are and how you are perceived by others. From there, you can make changes to yourself and attract new people into your life. Seeing how much you can affect your own life will indeed relieve your fears. You’ll learn that you have much more control than you originally thought.

Lastly, to aid in living without fear, you can commit to memory wonderful prayers such as the Serenity Prayer, which teaches you what you can control in your life. The answer is simple: You! The words are: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (others), the courage to change the things I can (you), and the wisdom to know the difference.” You might also try my father’s prayer, which was “My Lord and My God, keep me, guide me, and protect me, as thy property and possession.” He prayed it repeatedly as he completely surrendered his life over to God at the age of 93. It is believed that he created it. This prayer also allows you to let go of things you cannot control and to give that control over to God or the Divine; this way you give your fears to God.

Increasing your faith, acting on your faith by giving to others, learning about yourself and making changes, and praying will all assist you in your path to trusting in the Divine or God.

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Bonita Hurst
Bonita Hurst began her deep spiritual journey after finishing law school. She had been taught by legal professors that (at least in Ohio) the Bible was not a source of authority. She is, in essence, a rebel at heart, which caused her to undertake this journey. The truths of spirituality that she has discovered while going down this road have proven invaluable. Contact Bonita at [email protected] or 440.289.6461.


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