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Tarot from Conscience (or the Traveling Moth)

A space for tarot reflection for the day, week, or moment it comes across your screen. Each of these is reworked intentionally for The Edge, from the egregore of GroupTarot’s Card of the Week, to center education, diversity, and intuition.

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Happy Spring and Blessed Ostara.
What are the signs of new life growing in your world right now?

I have green fern bushes and a freshly planted raised bed herb garden – my mother’s handiwork – rooting contentedly in the high desert. It’s windy and warm today, although the temperature has been fluctuating a lot, unsurprisingly.

Last Ostara, I seeded some ginger.

Orange – consequently connected to the stomach chakara.
Tastes amazing in almost all of my favorite foods and drinks – ginger bourbon anyone? I wish I had some with me now, but I haven’t infused for a while.

I’d never tried this before. But I had organic ginger – a perfect piece with nubbins, a touch of green, and the perfect size for the pot at my disposal. The ritual I was a part of asked us to seed our intentions & desires.

Now, y’all know me. I like to work with what I have. So when I realized I had ginger, I looked into its magickal qualities, and went yep.
Help digestion.
Spicy heat power.
Increase personal power.

We’ll see how it grows…

And honestly, I don’t know! I always do a mix of new and archived writing here, and I had 100% forgotten about this spell planting. To be honest, in my decades as a witch, I usually do. Kitchen witch, yes. Garden witch, nope! I’m always delightfully surprised when something I plant thrives.

I do feel that my personal power, healing, and luck have been strong this past year. Retribution has happened somewhat in the world.Some racists have been put behind bars for killing innocent Black people, some haven’t.

I know of more people tithing to the Indigenous peoples their homes, theatres, and art studios are on as a way of balancing the scales.

As most witches will tell you, part of spellcraft, is letting it go. Then letting the Universe, Divine, Elements, Ancestors, Spirits, whichever energies you work with, do their work for the highest good of all.

Letting the arrow loose, so to speak. We took aim the best we could and maybe need to try again. Maybe not.

And now to the cards! This week, another of Arwen Lynch-Poe’s decks called out to be shared, the Elle Qui Oracle.

She gives us…

She Who Waits
Patience, Waiting, Determination.

It may not seem like it, but your patience, diligence and determination are paying off. They are noticed by those around you of many species and energies. You are noticed.

This is the work that is underneath everything you do – interestingly, after a long shuffle session, much of it with eyes closed, this card was on the bottom of the deck and simply asked me to turn the whole deck over.

“She made room for her dream by releasing all else. What you want, you too can have.”

There is an invitation to take time – we are still in a pandemic and are not at herd immunity yet, there is a new variant in other parts of the world. Inspect what’s underneath any push towards “normalcy.” We have a chance to do better. Let’s.

The butterfly coming out of her hand is absolutely luminescent. I was told an interesting story about butterflies once, I have not double checked the science. If you do, please share! Regardless, it’s a potent story for it’s own sake…

Someone was watching butterflies come out of the chrysalis. And it was an incredibly slow, labor intensive practice. It took hours for the cracks to widen enough for part of the butterfly to emerge. And even longer for it to be free of its confines. So this watcher decided to help, even though they had been told by another butterfly steward not to interfere. Rather than let the newly formed butterfly push out and break free on their own, the watcher peeled back part of cracked chrysalis.

That butterfly died because it couldn’t fly.

Unbeknownst to the watcher, the act of pushing through coated the new wings with a liquid necessary for the final formation of the wings. Without it, the wings didn’t work.

The watcher was horrified because their best intentions to help ended up hurting and killing the beautiful pollinator. It also taught many important lessons that Manara invites us to ruminate on as Spring bounds in for the Northern Hemisphere and Fall begins in the Southern Hemisphere.

Getting to the transformative beauty takes time.
It’s hard.
It’s work.
It has its own time signature that we may or may not understand.

It has frustrations and stalemates, crying in the darkness and then releasing into the great deep unknown, pushing through, trusting that the work transforming from caterpillar to butterfly are happening in the time they are meant to take.

Sometimes our work is to make sure the emerging butterflies are safe from outside predators.

Sometimes, it’s just to wait.

Keep doing the work and you will fly.

More about the deck’s creator –

To purchase this deck –

Further recommended reading – Or watching in this case! Arwen and I have a fantastic conversation about this deck and other’s she’s written. Check it out on YouTube!

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