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I was born into a family noted for its psychic ability. My earliest memories while lying in my cot was of seeing nocturnal creatures in the room.

But as a teenager while accepting all kinds of ghostly apparitions and spooky goings on and having an understanding of these things far beyond my years, I just could not accept anything about Aliens and UFOs and i would laugh at my friends who did.

But things were about to change.

The well known psychic Frank Hyde invited me when still a teenager to accompany him to the London US embassy where he was an Over watcher of the US space flights.

An over watcher is someone who out of the body accompanies the flights and mentally takes notes, the conversation at the embassy with senior US personnel was almost entirely on UFO’s.

i said nothing until the bus trip home when i had to speak and Frank explained what it was all about, and UFOs are a totally genuine phenomena.

This then set me about skywatching myself, and i would put a ground sheet out on the lawn at my home at night and climb into a sleeping bag to watch the sky.

There is a special skill in this with several meditations I use to stay mentally awake.

you must lay on your back with your face focussed to the centre of the sky, and watch and wait.

You soon learn to differentiate between aircraft satellites shooting stars etc and may see nothing for a week then 3 or 4 in one night.

I became aware that quite a few Americans from the US bases were here in the UK, attending my talks and paying a lot of attention to the Stonehenge area on Salisbury Plain.

Stonehenge UFO connectionImage by K. Mitch Hodge from Unsplash

A lot of crop circles were appearing and various cranks, both the deluded the religious and disturbed hoaxing publicity seekers were muddying the waters saying, they made the circles.

A senior man at the RAF Lakenheath Base, said they had been forbidden to pass on any restricted info but to gather any info that they could as it was “of great interest.”

It was just after this my home was burgled and the only thing taken was my Stonehenge UFO photographs.

However, I did encounter a lot of Americans in the area, some came with cameras recording equipment etc and some came armed just with sleeping bags from my talks.

The Summer Solstice this year 2023 is June 21st and as conventional religion collapses. Under its scandals, people are turning back to the old ways. Experts still argue about the real purpose of the Stonehenge site, but now say it is far older than previously believed.

Just 38 miles from Glastonbury the spiritual heart of the UK, and the hub of Arthurian legend. The vibrational feel of the area strikes many people as almost holy.

The authorities have a lot of Stonehenge info tours, but the huge increase in recent interest has meant the authorities propose a tunnel roadway to travel beneath the site. The worry is the vibration of the road works may topple the stones.

Stonehenge is a magical place and one everyone should see.


T. Stokes “Happy Palmistry”

Whole lives read from emailed hand photos.
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