The Power Within Us All


When was the last time you woke up with exuberance, thinking about the possibilities for the day and asking questions about yourself and the world? What about playing, learning, and looking for the next exciting, fun experience around the corner?

Now is the time to get those feelings back. Energetically this is the time. Have you questioned who you are at a Soul level? Do you want to increase your consciousness and intuition with oracle cards, pendulums, crystals, mediumship, creating synchronicities, meditation, grounding, classes, and more? Are you wondering what to do first, where to start, or are you frozen in fear, overwhelmed with making the correct choice?

First, find what feels the most exciting to learn or explore. It should be fun, not work. You are unique. Learn from others, experiment, trust yourself and make it your own. Explore new ways of understanding the universe, yourself, and how you fit into the big picture.

the power within us all

Become excited for whatever is around the next bend in your journey. As we discover more about ourselves, we sometimes are self-critical or wonder why we didn’t realize that about ourselves or the outside world sooner, leaving us feeling that we could have been further ahead than we are. Instead, send love and compassion to yourself from your heart. Now is the perfect time for you.

Take a breath and try this statement, “I enjoy the new discoveries about myself and the world around me, knowing with confidence that I am evolving at the exact right time that serves me the best.” Doesn’t that statement make you feel better? Releasing anxiety or criticism about yourself creates personal freedom and happiness, allowing these emotions to flow with ease into your life.

We are living in one of the most extensive times of exploration of the Human Mind, Soul, and Heart the world has ever seen. People you could not have talked to about this in the past seem to be coming out of thin air as the conversations flow. It is our time to let ourselves Shine Bright and be proud of ourselves. I am SO excited to be experiencing this world now. I hope you are too.

My Team in the non-physical is excited to enlighten us on their world and ours. This year my Team is bringing you the Power Within Retreat. During this retreat, you will learn skills to tap into who you are on a Soul level and let yourself shine for yourself, others, the world, and the next generation—releasing magical synchronicity into your life and moving into a better understanding in a fun, easy, safe, beautifully natural, and supportive environment.

This program aims to help you find joy, confidence, and happiness while increasing your connection to flow, ease, and excitement. It will assist you in releasing limiting beliefs and anxiety, enabling you to look forward to each day with enthusiasm and hope by offering support from like-minded individuals.

I invite you to join my Team in the non-physical world as we discover unique ways for you to expand and increase your Power Within at this limited-seating full-day event on July 15th. Food and all event supplies will be provided. Be sure to purchase your tickets before it sells out.

Amy Schoepp, myself, and my Team will bring our combined knowledge, understanding, messages, meditations, fire ceremony, and lighthearted humor for an uplifting day of releasing your Power Within. The prerequisites are an open heart, love, the willingness to expand, and a curiosity about yourself and the world around us.

Join us in discovering more about yourself as a Soul as we bring our worlds together. It’s time to embrace change with beauty and grace, step past fear into excitement and joy, and increase your Power Within. I look forward to meeting you at the Power Within Retreat.


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