The Path


the path poetry

Grace and beauty lay before you
Why can’t your see it?
It lays at your feet
It spans across the great horizons
Kneel down and touch the ground
It beholds truth and justice
Take it in your hands
Raise it up and give thanks
For the seeds that fulfill growth
The buds of change feed us
The fruit nourishes our soul
For we are one with the earth
We come from it and return to it
While our soul set free is home
Horizons have no distance
We are whole within ourselves
Our body a mere reflection
It is our deeper desires that lead us
Take the path that only you can
Step forward one foot in front of the other
Reach forward and soak in the knowledge
Be still and listen
Be not a part of destruction
But instead a beacon of hope
Let the loving Light lead the way.

The Path image by jplenio from Pixabay


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Maria Lisa Polegatto
Maria Lisa Polegatto grew up and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she works full time. To rest and relax she loves to retreat into nature and spend time with animals enjoying the magic that surrounds us. Contact Maria Lisa at


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