I have never considered myself a seeker looking for the perfect belief system or all the answers to the mysteries. I feel more like I get nudges from my soul to reconnect with who I am while continually evolving through experience. What I HAVE finally found is that the many explorations I have pursued over this and other lives have culminated in a disconnection from an old reality and movement into something brand new and totally different.

I have noted how we humans individuated and separated in Duality and became driven by fear, while growing apart from Earth as our source for life. We lost touch with our internal guidance and became externally focused and driven, widening the separation from self. Now we are restoring wholeness, pulling our energies out of the old story and opening to something profoundly original, yet we have little experience with this new reality we are entering. The story I’m sharing below may sound like a series of errors and coincidences, but my recent experiences felt to me like a validation that living in the new reality can be as effortless as predicted.

The day before Mother’s Day I heard a message from the Earth Mother asking me to relax, breathe and sync up with her. So, I did a rhythmic breathing exercise that helped me settle into feeling fully supported by this Great Mother. Much healing work in recent times has included restoration and restructuring of the root chakra and reconnecting to the earth to be directly sourced for Life. This connection seems to be the key to creation in the new system, since all manifestation on earth comes from her. It was the next day that I got this point illuminated.

I treated my mother to a concert and dinner on Mother’s Day, and it was during those events I noticed something happening. First, the parking. Free street parking is a rare commodity when multiple events are taking place downtown St. Paul, yet within a block of the theater someone was leaving a parking spot just as I was arriving. Inside the theater we discovered our seats were in the second of two rows of chairs added to an aisle space. People ahead of us blocked our view and in front of us sat a tall woman obscuring most of the stage. I wasn’t pleased, but just before curtain her young grandson decided he wanted to change chairs and they switched. Suddenly we had a full view of the stage for the entire show. As we left we wanted to connect with someone who had danced in the show and thought we may have missed her, but synchronicity connected us right at the exit.

At dinner the curious flow became even more interesting. First, a parking space was open right in front of the restaurant. Natch. Then, I couldn’t decide between two menu items so I just picked one even though the other had first attracted me. Our orders were delivered with mine missing and the server said the kitchen made the wrong sandwich but was preparing mine. After apologizing for the delay he said they’d only throw out the first one so would I like to have it at no charge. I said sure, and for free I received the sandwich I wished I had first chosen. Later, we ordered desserts. I picked something four people could easily split instead of what I felt like. The server returned with apologies to tell me they had just run out of my choice and would I like to pick something else “on the house.” I said yes, blueberry pie. In the end my meal was free and was exactly what I really wanted. Oh, and I made all the green lights on the way home.

The next day I began to realize that everything arranged according to what I was actually feeling, not what I was thinking about. I consider fulfillment of the heart’s desires to be a hallmark of the new operating system, and I felt like these events were highlighted just for my benefit.

By many accounts 2010 is said to be the year we reach a turning point in our journey from Duality into the New Matrix. If recent experiences are any indication, I can’t wait to see what Life delivers next and how it happens!


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