Love is so misunderstood on this planet. It is not sexual and has nothing to do with that at all. Source taught me what it is and how it is used in the highest way — to be love, to love one’s self, to be in a space of love, and create with love.

Source told me that love is the energy that was created for all to be in, live in and create with. It’s an energy of pureness, one of the highest vibrations that you can choose to learn, experience and create with, and it creates the highest outcome for one’s self and others without ever harming one’s self or others.

Love is the energy that was used to co-create with Source before the Big Bang, and before our Universe and planet had virus. This virus was created without Source and without love energy. Its creation led to the quarantine of humanity until they could understand the choices, and creations that were made without Source, without love energy. A small percent of humanity has chosen to only create with Source and love.

Love is to just be in, as well as be! Can you allow yourself to love yourself and all parts of you freely, no matter what has been created, no matter what actions have been taken — and be forgiven? Can you allow yourself to love others freely, no matter what has been done?

Can you truly love all of you, the light and the dark parts of you? Can you love all that you have every created of your own thoughts, actions, your reality? Can you accept all of that without judgment of yourself and still love yourself? Can you forgive yourself for all of your choices and actions that have harmed yourself or others? Can you be a natural party to your feelings, emotions or outcomes of your life?

Love is when you can accept and take responsibility for all that you have created — including that which has harmed yourself or others — and taking ownership of those choices, actions and creations with the full understanding of how they have affected you and others around you.

Allow yourself to do all of that — in and with love. Love energy allows you to be, and enjoy the energy of love that is in you, in your heart, and that which emanates out of you to share with others freely, no strings attached.

Source loves all of its children and creations all the same, each created uniquely different from all the others, with love energy. This energy is being used to support all of its creations, including humanity at this time. You have chosen to be here now and experience at this time of transformation into the 5th dimension and beyond, to shift all things back into love and out of all polarity and duality that exists.

This energy of love supports humanity without restriction or limitations. It is not part of the matrix. The free-flowing energy of love is available to all to learn and experience at this time. Allow your heart to be open to receive this love energy from Source. This energy is and has always been inside of you — for you to have with your free choice, because love just is. There are no requirements to be in this energy nor to receive it, nor to give it nor to be it. It also is your choice whether or not to close your heart and be cut off from this energy of love and Source’s love.

This energy has been pouring onto this planet for more than three years, available for you and everyone to freely receive it. Can you allow yourself to open your heart to receive this energy of love and Source’s Love? If you can, it will melt all things away from you that need healing, all things created by you without love.

Start by saying:

“I AM allowing myself to open my heart to receive all of Source’s Love, as well as all things I have to learn and experience in the energy of love that Source has created with me on my new path of Love with Source as a co-creator.

“I AM releasing all other paths not aligned with Love. I AM done partaking in them.

“Please release wherever I AM unable to be love, love all parts of me, forgive me, and be in gratitude. This includes where I AM unable to do with others, as well. Thank you. It is done.”

If you are having a hard time with this, ask Source to help you with this and to teach and show you how to do and be this!

When you allow this love for yourself, it shifts and moves you onto your path of love with Source to learning all that it is to be love for yourself and with others. You have now allowed this new path of learning and experiencing things only in the love energy!

LynMarie8 is an intuitive, medical intuitive, medium, ordained minister and founder of Love Consciousness® and Beyond Quantum Consciousness®, acknowledging all complementary methods of healing, including traditional medicine. With the use of Love Consciousness® and Beyond Quantum Consciousness® other modalities become more effective, helping you make a change easily and "shift" to making lasting changes in your life and moving forward on a healing journey.  LynMarie connects directly with Source, sending that direct energy to you.  You will see, feel, and receive changes, mentally, physically, spiritually, with DNA, cellar changes. Visit


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