Earth Star Gathering


LAKE MILLS, Wisc. — Namaste Retreat Center will present two events in mid-August to help uplift you individually and all of us, collectively.
On August 14-15, Golden Eagle (aka Standing Elk) will present the “Teachings of the Natural Laws of Mankind” as well as workshops on the 11:11, 12:12 and 13:13 at the Namaste Retreat Center. Workshops begin at 10 a.m. and registration is $22 for each workshop.

“A Gathering of Hearts: A Star Family Union” will be presented August 17-19 by Namaste Retreat Center and Earth Star Gathering at The Lake Country Inn in Lake Mills.

The keynote speaker from 3 to 5 p.m. Friday will be Frank Joseph, author of The Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake and Atlantis in Wisconsin. He will present a slide presentation on the Pyramids in Rock Lake and talk about his recent dive and the new discoveries. Golden Eagle also will be a guest speaker, covering his recent soul exchange and that connection to Rock Lake and Stargate 14. Kari Chapman of Namaste Retreat Center will speak on her experiences and why Spirit asked her and Namaste to be in this specific location.

The weekend event will include much more on ancient Mound Builders, the intrigue of Miracle the White Buffalo Calf, Jane Eagan on adventures aboard a Pleiadean mothership, Gabriel Naga Ra on the nature of immortality and the science of deathless living, Liz Miller and Star Gate initiations, and more. Many intuitives, healers and vendors will be available. Openings for vendors and speakers are available.

Pre-registration is $88 for weekend pass, $111 during the event. Call the Namaste Retreat Center at (920) 648-3580 for more information or credit card registration. For updates and schedules, go to

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