Christine Day’s Pleiadian Message for April 2024


Beloved ones we greet you,

The winds of change continue to unfold on your planet as you move closer to entering a next phase of the ‘new dawning’ change for planet earth. The magnetic core is reflecting these powerful changes through a monumental shift of its central pulse, which is birthing a higher vibrational ripple across the Earth. The vibrational movement is reverberating outwards into the Universe forging a network link from Earth outwards to the entire Universal community. This forging is bringing your planet into a deeper alignment to the God consciousness communion state held within the collective energies of our resident Universe.

This communion light is set to simultaneously activate the release of a series of energetic veils across your planet that will change the energetic configuration design of Earth. This reconfiguration blueprint is like a sacred imprint containing the sacred laws of all time that will forever change the planet. This blueprint will extend from the inner magnetic core outwards beyond the planet and into the Network that surrounds Earth.

Earth is being returned to its original heritage state within the collective through the returning to this network Link. The Link is designed to create a higher energetic stability for Earth during these monumental energetic shifts that are to begin imminently.

These changes within the arena of the planet will alter the very rhythm of the rotation of the planet itself. This change in the rotation will form a deepening of the direct alignment path to the Sun. Earth will begin to receive expansive light flows coming through this path from the rays of the Sun altering, intensifying the brilliance reflected onto the surface of the planet.

Pleiadian message for April 2024 message from Christine Day

Many simultaneous shifts are destined to be set in motion as a series of revelations as higher alternate reality spaces will permanently reopen, which will begin to activate a shift in the ‘Timeline’ throughout Earth. This is to be a moment of sacred Truths being revealed, returned to all who are ready to consciously open to receive. This is the time for your own sacred nature to be reconnected to you through your multidimensional Heart.

Your pineal center and telepathic center will begin to be reinstated to allow your awakened remembering to be set in motion. A cycle of higher light will begin to illuminate within your brain cells, which is designed to reset your memory banks from past moments before you incarnated on this earth plane for this lifetime. You will begin to remember your Family of Origin off planet and your systems will prepare you for the awakening of your Star essence, your Star light will once more become actively engaged within your consciousness. You are being prepared for great change and insights of clarity and truth. All these processes are getting you readied for this changing cycle. This is the plan being set in motion that you have been waiting for.

Know that you need to make some preparations for this happening. There is the one simple preparation of deepening your connection to your Heart center.

  1. Spending moments physically holding your upper chest, which is your Heart center. Aligning to your Heart space with your awareness.
  2. Holding your awareness on your Heart that you see sense or feel while utilizing your Conscious breath; taking a breath in the mouth and then releasing this breath out of the mouth placing the breath into your Heart where you are placing the awareness.
  3. Choosing to align into your Heart space. Place the words, “I AM” into your Heart, this will naturally expand your Heart connection.

All the changes to your systems will take place, be impacted through the sacred Heart. You will receive clarity. Your remembering process will unfold as you are aligned through your Heart space. Your ego mind cannot receive the telepathic communication, only your Heart.

You are being called now to focus on a ‘letting go’ as these vast changes shake your earth plane. Be still and be committed to your Heart alignment enabling you to participate as these sacred alterations of Earth birth.

At this juncture these changes will be greatly influencing, transmuting your energetic makeup. You will need to be still in your Heart while actively engaging with your conscious breath to allow these higher levels of electrical transmutation to fully open and integrate within your own physical and energetic systems.

Your unique Heart energy will play a strong role on the planet as it undergoes this vast transmutation. Becoming your Heart energy in moments is an essential role that you are to play during this time. Each time you allow the merging with your Heart you will make a difference impacting all humanity.

As the earth shifts so do you. Focus with intention on your physical vehicle during this next awakening-phase. You will require a lot of water to counterbalance the huge energetic swings taking place in your systems. There will be an electrical quickening that will be radiating within every cell in your body. Your body will get very hot, you will be vibrating at a higher rate. Your brain synapses and brain cells will undergo a huge multidimensional transmutation. These vast changes within you will leave you in a ‘not knowing’ or not recognizing yourself state. You may find yourself deeply disorientated as your own electrical systems are totally rewired.

You will need to utilize the natural forces to launch yourself into a smoother transition of your integration. These forces are here to support the rebalancing of your systems. Lie on the earth, align with the wind, open your awareness into the fluidity of the water, spend time immersed in water. And the sun’s rays are designed to create a clear flow within your newly constructed electrical systems.

All is in hand and will continue to be even at the most intense moments. You can always let go and allow the newness of the flow within your life to align you to a changing rhythm.

You will be shifted into a different time continuum while being re-aligned naturally to your higher consciousness of being. Be still and trust!

This is your time to allow a vast letting go, so you can be repositioned to a natural reframing of your sacred systems.

We witness you in love,

The Pleiadians


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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit


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