Melding Our Value Into Oneness!


    While pondering the topic of socially responsible business, I begin to question our ability to unify and meld our energy and values in Earth’s workplace. There are so many different values, from so many different sources, through many differently programmed teachings, within many different people, all seeing the universe from their own individualistic perspective! How is this possible? Is it possible to align our values when we are coming from so many different perspectives of what is and what is not appropriate?

    What does a socially responsible business mean to you? Does it mean social responsibility to your belief structure, your personal values, your neighborhood, your city, state or country or even your Earth? Could it mean your universe, too? Are business decisions based on being socially responsible to yourself and others? Are they based on being financially responsible to yourself, regarding others as clients and potential income?

    If we are here as a part of the universal society, to encourage the awakening of Self in and through this physical human form, then why are we selling to each other the very gifts we have been given through this opportunity, to give and share with each other? What is the justification?

    If someone gave you the keys to the universe, would you sell it off, a little parcel at a time, to make sure you had a roof over your head? In this world, money is God and you have to make a livelihood, right? I have always said, there are more Gods than anyone can count! Which ones are you paying homage to? Are we thinking too small? In the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? this question is asked: "How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go?" For me? The deeper, the better!

    I cannot justify selling the beautiful gifts the universe has given me. I am here to share these gifts with all that are here in this physical, human world. For me, selling these gifts to those who can afford them is not socially responsible to the universe, in the melding of my energy with the whole and co-creating oneness with All That Is. I believe selling these gifts encourages separation and eliteness. That is how I see it.

    The universe – and a voice I now know to be my inner voice – challenged me five years ago to quit my wage-earning job. I was told the universe would take care of me and everything would work out. If I would give to the universe and All that is a part of it, the universe would give back to me by more than 100 fold. So far, things have worked out and I am still here. I have not worked for another person since Dec. 8, 2000. In some ways I am still waiting for the hundred-fold part, but in other ways I am not. I have been witness to many things to know this is not a fluke.

    I have shared my gifts with many people, oftentimes receiving nothing in return except for "Thank you!" I often ask each person after a healing session is over: "Is it possible to put a true price on the gifts I have given you, in the energy work I have co-created with you?" The answer every time is, "No, it is not possible put a monetary value on the gift." So I don’t. It would only diminish the value of the gift I give to another. Clients give to me as they choose and as they can. Many times, all that returns to me is a smile and a hug.

    This is what I believe: Give to another and it will return to you. This is my socially responsible approach to the business of the universe, my mission statement and my purpose in this hour of Now!

    I have lost everything of earthly financial significance or have given it away to others over the last five years. I have nothing to speak of, as far as physical possessions are concerned. I have no fear or concern for what tomorrow will bring. I have no doubt the universe will and has embraced me, as I give to all that is a part of it.

    Please understand that I am not judging how others choose to meld their values in the workplace. I’m just a consummate observer of the larger-universe way to choose to participate in this human experience. Let’s meld our value as an individual essence with each other and move out of the old earth energy into the new earth energy together!

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    1. Giving of yourself raises you up along with those who’s lives you touch. When you give and expect nothing in return you reach a point where any problems that you may have no longer carry the weight that they once did. And when your load is lighter…so is your spirit!


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