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The Gathering Salon & Wellness Center, 656 Selby Ave., St. Paul MN 55104, 651.222.3322, [email protected],

Once upon a time there was a lady named Nancy who had a vision of a place where people could gather, explore their spiritual needs and find a community where like-minded folks could gather. She also envisioned a place to practice her craft of salon services. The vision was a place of holistic wellness – a balance of mind, spirit and the body. This vision was given to Nancy by her guides. Two years later, she was guided to a building along Selby Avenue in St. Paul. As she explored the building, her son had found a sign that read, "the gathering." She knew in that moment that this was the place to manifest her vision.

Like all good fairy tales, a little conflict needs to occur. The characters stray from their initial path, the crumbs left for guidance are eaten by some benevolent creatures, and the main character needs to find her true north using only guts and instincts.

Nancy is in the process of re-creating The Gathering in its initial form, realigning with the original true north of the essence of The Gathering. The Gathering is a building, a group of practitioners, but also the community that it serves. Services that help the individual find his or her own true north are encouraged with each encounter.

Nancy’s many years of styling hair and attending to skin care only reinforce the transformative experiences that individuals can have when they come to The Gathering. Many of the other services offered are experiential, such as psychic readings, consultations for individual constitutions through Traditional Tibetan Medicine, and Health Coaching services. Other services available are Reiki and care from an herbalist who focuses on nutrition and wellness coaching. A variety of massage therapy has been a part of The Gathering since its beginnings.

New intentions were manifested with the color selections and painting of the interior. The quality of the tones are reflective and unique to each room. An area on the main level is becoming a coffee cafe, and excitement is brewing as having the community come and hang-out and get to know each other is becoming a reality.

The Gathering is hosting psychic and healing fairs, classes of all sorts, including Traditional Tibetan Medicine, classes on exploring shamanism, Awesome Women’s circles, meditation, different states of being through breath control, Friday Pilates, and a variety of experiential classes. We are creating a time to offer a spiritual book club and a night focusing on board games that explore Buddhist qualities or the exploration of our beliefs about abundance and gratitude.

Partnerships have been created to offer those with serious medical conditions a chance to come in and receive a gift service. The Gathering meets the client where they are at any given moment. If they are interested in a radical transformative experience, we are here to support them. We also offer a good cup of coffee and a great reasonably priced hair cut, if that’s all that is necessary to help one get through the day.

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Tim Miejan
Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


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