Healing is an Everyday Experience


Being healthy is an everyday choice, just like eating, taking a shower or brushing your teeth. More and more people are realizing the balance between mind, body and our spirit Self is a necessary part of everday life.

Yet, when the experiences and challenges of the world around us begin to consume our mind with concern, apprehension, fear and uncertainty, it is our body and spirit Self that often are neglected, ignored and forgotten.

I view healing as simply bringing into balance energy that exists within and around my physical and etheric body. Energy not in balance with true authentic energies of my mind, body and spirit Self can manifest in a multitude of undesirable physical ways.

I believe I am capable of creating this healthy balance by the choices I make every day and by how I deal with the universe around me. First, I create balanced energies within my Mind, Body and Spirit Self. I cannot change another, but I can change how I act or react to others and the world around me. It all begins within me! It all begins within you! It’s a conscious choice I make, mindful of my body and my spirit Self. A choice I make every day is to experience the optimum balance I can create for my Self.

I believe that peace in the world around me first begins with the peace I create within my Self! For me, that peace begins with unconditional acceptance of my every day experiences! Every day is an opportunity to demonstrate to my Self how well I am doing, or more appropriately, how well I am being.

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