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Recently, healthcare trends have changed, and people are seeking easier, natural alternative, and sometimes unconventional, healing methods. The ancient Hawaiian prayer-based healing practice “ho’oponopono” means “to make things right,” and promotes forgiveness and focuses on healing both self and others. For centuries, healers were sought after by their community to bring peace and health. The draw towards these now unconventional methods reflects the idea of “making things right,” as people are returning to natural healing methods that have worked for generations.

Stress and anxiety are easy to come by these days. That is where adaptogens come into play. An adaptogen is a plant or mushroom that helps the body improve its response to stress, anxiety, and fatigue, returning the body to balance. They often enhance the immune system to prevent disease, balance mood and hormones, and increase energy, libido, focus, and cognition.

Ashwagandha, also known as Indian Ginseng, is an adaptogen and Ayurvedic herb native to India that has been used for thousands of years. It helps by reducing cortisol (stress hormone) levels. It’s also used as an anti-anxiety option, supports adrenal fatigue, relieves symptoms of depression, and improves cognitive function due to its steroids and antioxidants. It’s perfect for those who need inner healing and are looking for a reset for the body.

plants that heal

Bacopa, also known as Water Hyssop, is an Ayurvedic herb that helps balance dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. Additionally, it prevents free radicals from damaging the body. Bacopa may lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and have anticancer properties. If you are looking to rest, relax, calm, and help the body heal, this herb is right for you.

Maca root is a common aphrodisiac that boosts libido and balances estrogen and testosterone levels in men and women, which helps with sleep, mood, and energy levels regardless of gender. It relieves menopause and PMS symptoms to help the body get back into balance.

Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, is known to have a calming effect. This sacred herb supports the immune and digestive systems and helps lower blood pressure and cortisol (stress hormone) levels. After a long day, this ingredient will help you to rejuvenate the body and put the soul at ease.

Rhodiola is another great adaptogen herb. Its roots alleviate stress and fatigue, and it increases mental clarity and memory function. It aids in lowering hypertension, increases serotonin levels to promote mood and sleep, and is an antidepressant.

When it comes to inner healing, detox is the best way to purge the bad and promote the growth of new, healthy things. This is true when you detox your unhealthy thought process to renew a positive, healthy mindset and when you detox the body. Detoxing is necessary after taking medications, alcohol consumption, and being exposed to heavy metals found in our food and body products.

There are a number of options to help with detoxifying the body! Milk thistle cleanses and protects the liver, and chlorella binds to heavy metals to eliminate them from the body. Nettle leaves not only help with sinus inflammation and lowering blood sugar, but they also cleanse the blood of toxins and waste. Ceylon cinnamon is a great antibacterial and detox herb that helps lower blood sugar and blood pressure. Burdock is not only an adaptogen; it helps detoxify your blood, lymphatic system, and skin. These plants help the body heal no matter where you are on your health journey.

Rosemary is known for healing and forgiveness. It is an anti-inflammatory, fights infections, is excellent for detox, and helps clear the mind. It promotes blood circulation, aids digestion, alleviates joint and muscle pain, and improves concentration.

As you seek healing and restore relationships, try our herbs at try our herbs at SOTE Plant Medicine, located in Jordan, MN, to help you on your spiritual and health journey. We offer a variety of options to heal the body, mind, and inner self.


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