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I did not start out seeking a career as a family astrologer. My focus was to educate on the importance of nurturing self-esteem in young children and to help parents develop it within themselves, especially mothers so that they could emulate it for their children. It was while on my own personal growth pursuit that I was led by a friend to have my astrological chart read.

Just when I thought I had finally figured things out, I was thrown into a new dimension, a psychological abyss of sorts. It was as if all of the modalities I had previously studied were being integrated into one synchronized circle. It was during those first hard astrology class lessons that I literally understood what it meant to project, how opposites actually do attract, and that we can choose to accept ourselves through our chart instead of become a victim of it.

The more I worked with astrology, the more it spoke to me as my calling. People were asking me to read their charts, and it was natural for me to focus my energies on relationship compatibility. As I compared charts, I soon realized how unique, yet interconnected, we are. And with an understanding of the importance of each stage of a child’s development for building on the next, astrology opened a new door for me to help parents with their challenges. How often I’d heard, "If only kids came with an instruction book!" With an astrological chart as a guide, I am able to provide parents with an insightful look at the interior lives of their children.

Working astrologically can provide an environment for evolutionary growth for the whole family. A family often carries a common myth: the stories that ground us even if they’re unhealthy. The chart with its ancient universal symbolism can become the framework to help one put the pieces of their puzzled psyche together and recognize the many possible choices in creating a solution. Chart comparisons with other family members can help us to understand the mechanisms that we individually use and introduces us to our unique perspectives.

Childhood is the time when our habits are created, and in general, it is when we are most flexible. If a parent can consider a reading before the age of 3 they will be in the best position to direct the child, because this period is the most impressionable. As adults, our patterns have been reinforced sometimes for many years and are more difficult to change. Although possible, the work it takes to reform these unproductive habits requires a tremendous effort once they have been energetically set. Redirecting a child’s behavior involves adjusting one’s response to the child. The idea is to teach by example and nurture the development of a child’s responsibility to his or her own well-being.

Astrology has taught me there are no beginnings and no end, only cycles. It has taught me patience, compassion and acceptance. Psychologically, astrology helps us define our developmental stages. As planets transit the chart, they prompt the awakening to the different periods of maturation. It is though the chart that we can see our blessings and struggles.

As a parent, you are continuing the circle of life by the connections you make with the children who enter into your lives. History continually repeats itself in our families, giving us the opportunity to get the lesson. Be thankful for all of it.

Each of our children is an adventure and opportunity to change the old patterns and create something new. Today’s parents have the opportunity to open up and explore their family’s history, heal the pains of the past and pioneer new patterns of behavior for themselves and their children. Everything in our life provides the chance for us to become more aware. You are the point where love is – and you are the center of the circle in your child’s universe.

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Cathi Curen
Cathi Curen is an Astrologer, Lifestyle Design Coach, and author of the “Me + U” Interactive Journal Series. Cathi works with individuals and families via phone, Skype or in person to develop happier and more fulfilling lifestyles using the ancient wisdom of astrology, mindful practices, and up-to-date design techniques, tending to the interiors of the “self” and to the “stage” of one’s life through their home, office, and living places, creating spaces people want to be in. Learn more at, contact Cathi at [email protected] or call 424.262.4115.


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