Where do you go from here?


Many times in the past I asked myself the question, "Where do I go from here?" What I have found is that there are many facets to answering that question. I have found that this lifetime is as much a journey of the spirit as it is of the physical. Spirit continues to peel away the veils of the human and show me the teachings of the ancients, the wisdom of the masters and the unconditional love and feeling of God. Many claim to be Masters and teach much the same thing. Some who come and listen to me or "G" say, "I’ve heard all this before." Then my question to them becomes, "If you’ve heard it all before, why haven’t you applied it?"

It’s because we’re always looking for some answer. We get some detail to our life, but when we get it, we don’t really take it in because we don’t know how. We can see and hear the words, but we don’t know how to take it into our being. I like to help people take it in and actually apply it to their lives. See in many ways, it scares us to let go of what we think we know, because it makes us who we are. People identify themselves by the knowledge of what they think they know.

My spiritual evolution has taken me down roads I would never have dreamed even existed, for it is not bound by the physical body or the confines of this earth. There is so much to learn, yet one must be open to it all and take it in, absorb it and grow with it. One of the observations I have made on this journey is that people seem to think a spiritual journey needs to be done alone. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you look at the animals, you can see how they travel in herds, packs or flocks. Even lions form a pride for strength and protection. There is strength in numbers.

Do you see people of other beliefs going it alone? No. A spiritualist’s greatest weakness is to go the journey alone. When they do, they have no support to help them when they fall into negativity. They have few or no people to discuss ideas with, to learn more from and to evolve beyond where they are at. Yes, they may learn various pieces to awareness by the palm readings or psychic development, but these things by themselves do not move you down the road to enlightenment.

I am here to teach the masters, those that are willing to leave ego behind – big or small – and take up the spiritual path of enlightenment where you can create your life as you desire it to be. I invite you to walk the Master road with me.

"WHERE DO YOU GO FROM HERE?" with SOULAIRE (LYNN YOUNG) – 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 8, tickets $26 now, $29 at door – Enlightened Master Soulaire (Lynn Young), who holds a seat on the Council of the Masters of God Consciousness, is a nationally known, published author and speaker. She brings forward information that helps guide and direct you on how to shed the conflicts of the human condition. With wisdom, insight and humor, she teaches unique, tangible steps to find and connect to your divine master within. Her diverse life experiences and down to earth personality make her real such that you can know that the journey to becoming an enlightened master is possible and achievable by all. One of Soulaire’s unique abilities is to be the full body channel for a being called "G," whose powerful message is to awaken the ancient teachings that were hidden from us when we took on the human condition. Many people who have been in the presence of "G" have shared that they have experienced the feeling of God, unconditional love. Visit masterpaths.com.

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