Source: Spiral lights signaled Maitreya’s imminent emergence


LOS ANGELES — Share International, a worldwide network of individuals and groups whose purpose is to make known the fact that Maitreya — the World Teacher expected for generations by all of the major religions — and his group of spiritual masters are now among us in human bodies, has announced that the recent mystifying spiral lights that appeared over Norway in December were an extension of the work of four enormous spacecraft placed around the world.

The lights in the sky, which have been appearing since December 2008 and are expected to continue, reportedly are a sign heralding the imminent appearance of Maitreya. Share International announced on January 14 that Maitreya has given his first interview on American television, not introduced as Maitreya, but as a single man like us who “spoke earnestly of the need for peace, achievable only through the creation of the sharing of the world’s resources.”

Since 1974, British artist and author Benjamin Creme has been the principal spokesman for Maitreya, telling audiences worldwide that the spiritual avatar will emerge when the planet is in need of his help and energy “towards oneness, justice and freedom for all people.”

Maitreya reportedly will be giving more interviews in the U.S., Japan, Europe and elsewhere to inspire hope in the world. Following these interviews, a “Day of Declaration” is expected in which Maitreya will telepathically connect with humankind on the individual level to inspire us to create a civilization based on sharing, economic and social justice, and global cooperation.

Speaking through Creme, Maitreya has said, “When I make myself known, I shall express the hope of all mankind for a new life, a new start, a readiness to change direction; to see the construction of a New World in which men can live in peace; can live free from fear of themselves or their brothers; free to create from the joy in their hearts; free to be themselves, in simple honesty.”

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