Spiritual Freedom


In our search for the seemingly elusive higher consciousness we find that no matter how far we’ve come, we learn how far we have yet to travel. Stumbling and falling along our journey often will cause pain to varying degrees. Many times we may feel grief because of the ending of a relationship, a financial burden requiring aggressive resolution, or just simply growing away from what you once knew. These things can be rather difficult, but they are needed for our continued progression as we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

They say where one door closes, another is opened. Occasionally we may need to close that door ourselves, because for us to move on to the next level we must first finish our business on the current one. It’s possibly God’s version of having a fresh start, if you will.

We are presented with opportunities to change for the better and it’s always up to us to accept or reject them. When we reject them by choosing to remain in bondage, we may find that our existence can become riddled with difficulty due to our own resistance. However, if we accept them and accept the change that occurs along with the opportunity, we will find the harmonious life for which we’ve been searching. We begin to notice things coming together for us and there will seem to be fewer bumps in our journey when following the plan of the Divine.

We are always guided to the graduation of our next level by the beloved heavenly realm. We can tell because a recent difficult experience may have drawn a tear, but it also has surely drawn more strength in character. For us to move we may have to outright sever the ties that hold us to this self-inflicted bondage. This bondage could be an abusive relationship, financial woes, or any situation that causes pain in our life. There is no sense for us to punish ourselves with this bondage, as we are part of the Whole. By continuing the self-defeating patterns of punishing ourselves, it’s as if we punish our Great Creator and that causes the greatest pain of all, a disconnection from the Source.

So pull yourself away from the bondage and cut the ties that bind! Move on and live the life you are destined — with the freedom and serenity you deserve.

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